Add Fun And Trim Weight At The Biggest Loser Resorts

More often than not, shedding weight, no matter how desperate the need, is considered to be a tedious procedure. It is all about schedules and routines systematically followed. Now, consider this. How would you like to have fun vacationing at a resort and shedding some pounds at the same time? That is where the Biggest Loser Resort comes in handy.


There are three beautiful resorts located in Utah, California and New York. These resorts are more than just a vacation hotel destination. They are personalized wellness centers offering tailored fitness regimes and fabulous nutrition plans. The Biggest Loser Resorts are the perfect solution for those who are tired of the never ending diet and workout cycles and those seeking alternate lifestyle-improving solutions. One of the resorts’ goals is to help you emerge healthier, stronger and packed with confidence. This is a lifetime opportunity to lose substantial weight and make the best use of a fantastic fitness getaway. Whether you plan a girlfriend getaway or a family vacation, fun is guaranteed!

Here are some quick information about the three destinations. You may choose to visit all of them, if your schedule permits, to maximize the results.

Rejuvenating Utah

Ever thought of a weight loss schedule as lasting? Well, this could be the answer you were looking for to achieve that lasting weight loss schedule. Located at Fitness Ridge in Ivins, Utah, this resort will give you an experience you will never forget. The wellness education that you will acquire here will inspire and motivate you to surpass any previous goals you might have set for yourself.

The wellness program at Ivins includes guided group hikes into the vast, breathtaking red rock canyons of Utah where majestic scenes will unfold before your very eyes. Of course, daily fitness workouts by passionate trainers and instructors are included. The delicious spa cuisine is sure to make your mouth water and your fat melt.

Some of the features of this resort include: a luxurious swimming pool, complimentary Internet access, full-service spa, various amenities and a fantastic environment.

Recharge in Malibu

The Biggest Loser Resort could be the best resort for your girlfriend weight loss retreat. The environment at this resort, located just 6 miles away from the Pacific Ocean and nestled among trees and flowers, will invigorate your senses while leaving your mind and body feeling relaxed, nourished and educated.

Daily hikes are a part of the program at this resort followed by a variety of fitness workouts led by trained and compassionate instructors. The spa treatment is absolutely refreshing. You could gather together with your friends at the poolside or the relaxing hot tub. It is your choice. The food prepared is designed to satisfy your hunger while generating the results you so desire.

Revitalize in Niagara

This is the newest kid on the block for the Biggest Loser Resort group. Located in Java Center, NY, this fantastic, 300-acre scenic resort is just a short drive away from the Niagara Falls. The setting is designed to enhance lifechanging transformations for all participants. The well balanced combination of education, fitness routines, and nourishment will transform your mind and body. This is the perfect resort for girlfriends of like goals.

Hikes, energizing fitness workouts, educational sessions and a unique camaraderie are part of the resort’s programs for the day. The highlight of this resort could well be the private lake surrounded by natural magnificence that surpasses all imagination. The resort features tennis, volleyball, basketball, Bocce and croquette courts. You can also enjoy hours of fun in the rows and paddle boats on the serene lake.


Reading about the kind of amenities these resorts feature, you might have imagined exorbitant rates. The Biggest Loser Resort management has given it a thought. The rates have been designed to be affordable. There are Private, Semi-Private and Double Occupancy rooms. The pricing ranges between $1,700 and $2,700 depending on the room you choose. However, there are a lot of options, and you need not feel dismayed.

Jane T. (One of the guests of these resorts) said, “I lost over 60 pounds in six weeks and pushed my body to do things I thought were impossible!” You could be sounding the same note. So, get your girlfriends together, pack your bags and experience transformation. This will be the girlfriend weight loss retreat you don’t want to miss.

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