All Inclusive Getaway: Just for the Ladies!

The chick trip, or the all-girls-no-guys holiday is fast hitting the market. An all inclusive getaway is always available now for you and your girlfriends. It’s the easiest way to plan the holiday and many packages come with a discount.

What’s best is that they throw in activities for female groups. That means skipping the kiddie fun barn and the formal dinner in a room full of honeymooners.

Here are a few packages you and the girls may fancy:

These tours often cover destinations that are known fashion and design capitals, including New York, Italy and Japan. The itinerary covers time out in the major fashion districts for shopping, stops at locations where many artists get their inspiration, visits to fashion museums and designer studios and a sneak peak into the next season’s trends.

From the city to the countryside to the beach, in New England or Las Vegas or Mexico, there’s a spa weekend package awaiting you. Activities are all about relaxation, reconnection, and massaging away the stresses of life.

Wine and food
Sign up for a wine-tasting tour in Napa Valley and take in the refreshing views of northern California. You’ll also be sampling some of the best meals, breads, pastries and other food items in the country. You’ll also learn something on food and wine pairing, and other aspects of the culinary arts. It is about getting doused in style.

Sail away from everything –at least for a day. All-inclusive packages cover accommodations and food at the very least. On board activities include evening cocktails, casinos and spas. Or just find a good spot on deck and soak up the sea breeze while you and the girls catch up on the latest events.

The above ideas are just some of the ideas I will cover here. It is my goal to give you some ways to get away just as friends and have an awesome time without breaking the bank. There are many all inclusive getaway packages and sometimes that is the cheapest way to go!

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