Beach Vacations: Florida, Hawaii, or Ontario?

There are a number of top beach weekend getaway destinations for a group of girlfriends that want to take some time off. A group of girls that is looking for such a getaway should take the time to consider the options listed below. These destinations are located right in the United States or Canada. Below are some general ideas of where you could go if you want to go to the beach.

Omphoy Ocean Resort, Florida:

Florida’s beaches are a popular getaway spot and it is not hard to see why. Florida has a lot to offer a girl or group of girls. Not only are there fantastic beaches but also great shopping opportunities and good restaurants. The Omphoy Ocean Resort can offer not only proximity to a beautiful beach, but also exquisite food, a spa, a pool and more. The resort is quite reasonably priced considering all that it provides and it also offers special girlfriend getaway packages. You can visit their main site at

Hawaiian Islands:

Hawaii is composed of many islands. Each island has something special to offer that can make a girlfriend getaway vacation simply unforgettable. The Big Island has many unique black, red and green sand beaches. These are unique and a group of girls can have the time of their lives sunbathing, talking and just relaxing. Those who enjoy swimming would most likely want to pay Makalawna Beach or Hapuna Beach a visit. Of course, a Hawaiian beach getaway is going to cost more than an average drive to the beach, if planned for and budgeted for right, it would be an unforgettable trip with your friends. One way to get the best price is to travel right before or right after the most popular travel season. Look for deals that include flight and hotel because often these are cheaper than booking separately. Talk to your friends and set up a group savings account where all contribute the same amount monthly. You will not regret a trip to Hawaii!

Ontario, Canada:

Ontario has a lot to offer a group of girls looking for a good beach weekend getaway. A group of girls could stay at Tyrolean Village Resorts and enjoy a calm private beach on the Georgian Bay. Not only that, this particular resort also provides a sauna, jacuzzi, a full kitchen and a fantastic view. Terrawoods Cottages is another great girl’s getaway idea. Terrawoods Cottages is located right next to a beautiful beach that offers beach volleyball, sunbathing opportunities, boat rentals and more.  Known for their Blue Mountain Skiing, if you visit in the off season, you are sure to get a better deal! Terrawoods offers both private cottages and larger cottages that can house up to four girlfriends.

In Closing:

Many girls do not have unlimited cash to spend on a girlfriend getaway in a distant land. Hence, it is nice to know that there are getaway destinations for girls that are located right in the U.S. and Canada. These beach getaway destinations provide many wonderful opportunities to bond, relax, and simply enjoy life. They are also reasonably priced and easy to travel to with a little planning and budgeting. Get together with the gals today and plan your next vacation!

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