The Best Facial Treatment to get in New York

If you are looking for the best facial treatment there is, you can find in the city that never sleeps- New York to be exact. Planning to visit the Big Apple for your girlfriend getaways?  Then Yasmine Djerradine Institut De Beaute is the day spa you and your friends must check out.   Read on and you will see why.

According to New York Magazine, Yasmine Djerradine Institut De Beaute  was rated one New York’s top day spa’s. The spa is located just off of Madison Avenue in the center of New York City.  The staff is referred by the top plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the nation for their skin care services. Yasmine and her staff are as meticulous in performing their services as scientists are conducting research.

The top of the line facial treatments bring some amazing results.  The Remodeling Facial is the most talked about facial around town.  The treatment takes about 90 minutes to perform and will cost you about $195.   The facial begins with deep cleansing of the pores.  Then it is followed by using electrical currents to stimulate the muscles.   The three currents used are high -frequency, galvanic, and low frequency used to activate circulation to tone the facial muscles.   The face is then massaged with pure serums to leave the skin plum and glowing. The results from this facial is almost like having a face lift, but without the surgery. Typically results last for a week or two.  So if you have an important event to attend, let’s say a high school reunion then this would be the ideal treatment.

The next time you make a trip up to New York, make an appointment for this amazing facial treatment at Yasmine Djerradine Institut De Beaute.  The staff this day spa will treat your face like a work of art, and create as such!

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