Best Girl Getaways to Las Vegas

Getting away for a long weekend, or even just  a couple of days is something that women love to do. It gives them an opportunity to have some fun, and relax at the same time. There are many different destinations that can be perfect for this. Amongst the best girl getaways is Las Vegas.

This city truly has everything that you could possibly want for a girls weekend, amazing hotels, superb restaurants, bars and clubs, and of course the greatest shopping you could ever ask for. Where you stay, and where you eat drink and shop will have a great deal to do with your budget.

The Bellagio is without a doubt one of the prime spots to stay. It is centrally located of the famous Las Vegas strip, and is as luxurious a hotel as you will find anywhere in the world. If you time your stay correctly, and do the correct amount of research you can attain this great property for a reasonable rate too. A great way to get this property cheaply is to stay mid-week, the rates are substantially lower than they are at the weekends. This means you get luxury at a cut down price. Sharing 3 to a room can also lower your cost per person if you do not mind doing this.

When dining out in Vegas the options truly are endless. There is an amazing steak house in the Bellagio called Prime, it is undoubtedly the finest steak in town. As it is so popular though it is advisable to book before you travel to avoid disappointment. If steak is not your thing then why not try the superb chinese restaurant in the MGM Grand, Pearl, the food here is exquisite.

For your evenings entertainment there is everything from shows, to nightclubs. One of the best shows to see is Love, this is a Beatles tribute, again due to popularity you will need to book very early. Shopping can be found up and down the strip in all the hotels. The Forum Mall is extremely good value though and has an eclectic range of clothes to suit all tastes. All in all Las Vegas is one of the best girl getaways.

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