Ideas for the Best Girlfriend Getaways

If you need time away from home, chances are a few of your girlfriends would love to join you. Give them a call. They are probably under the same stresses that you are and what could be better than a girlfriend weekend away.

There are lots of things you could do and lots of places to go. You can choose from weekend getaway ideas in California or girlfriend trips to Canada! Or, spa breaks are always a good idea. You can have relaxing facials and massages to relieve the stress.  Soak your feet for a pedicure and make your hands look great with a manicure.  You don’t have to worry about what to cook as your meals will be prepared for you.  You will be pampered and taken care of, instead of your having to take care of everyone else.   A pretty neat spa option is checking out hotels that have their own spa facilities.  You could book a room at the hotel, use the spa, and end up the entire weekend never stepping outdoors.

There are many other girls getaway weekend ideas to choose from them. You could do a destination weekend.  Cities like Las Vegas are great for a few days. Even if you don’t gamble, it is a great place to get away from it all. It is wonderful just wandering in and out of the hotel lobbies, seeing how amazingly they are designed. You can rent a car and get out into the desert. Take the scenic drive around Red Rock Canyon. Or drive to the top of Mt. Charleston.

Another idea is a shopping weekend. Stay at a motel near an outlet mall or visit some place like Mall of America. Shopping with your girlfriend sure beats shopping dragging a man or having a couple of children underfoot.

Whatever your ideas, discuss them with your girlfriends. Make sure you budget properly for the trip and include everything like airfare, car rental, gasoline, and hotel.  Some of the things you share, like the car rental, can be split among you.  Be sure everyone agrees on the budget and what expenses will be shared before moving further with your plans.

These destinations listed are just the beginning.  You and your girlfriends can put your heads together and come up with some exciting options for fun girlfriend getaways!

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  • Hi, love your blog!
    You should try Blue Ridge, GA for a getaway! There is so much fun stuff to do, whether you like hiking or whitewater rafting or shopping or just hanging out at the cabin in the hot tub or the big bottom rocking chairs in front of the outside fireplace!

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