Body Treatments for a New You

Do you love the feeling of how your face feels after you get a facial?  Imagine if you could get the same results for your entire body! Body treatments are awesome for feeling like a whole new you.  What better way to celebrate the experience than to make it a girl getaway.

The most popular treatment that you can find in any spa is the body scrub. It may also be referred to as body polish, or sea salt scrub or salt glow.   This treatment exfoliates and sloughs off dead skin.   Your skin will feel soft, rejuvenated and luxurious.   Here is how the process works in most cases, so you know what to expect.

The treatment takes place on a massage table covered with a large piece plastic, and sheet.  The therapist will rub a mixture of sea salt, oils and other therapeutic ingredients on your skin.  This exfoliates your skin, removing the layers of dead dry skin.

Scrubbing the whole body should take about 15 minutes or so. Then you will be directed to shower the scrub off your body.   Immediately after the shower, you will notice a tremendous difference how your skin feels.  The pampering doesn’t stop there…

In some cases a lotion is applied afterward.  Dependent upon the treatment you choose a body mask or body wrap is applied after rinsing off the scrub.  Whether you get a mask or wrap treatment you will be lathered in a mud or an aromatic mixture of purifying ingredients.   If you choose the wrap treatment, your body will be wrapped in a thermal blanket.  The blankets acts a conductor to detoxify the skin. Once the mask is removed, you will receive an application of hydrating moisturizer.  If you choose the body wrap option you may notice a temporary weight loss and reduction in cellulite. The mask treatment is designed to hydrate the skin.

If you want the feeling and look of a whole new you, then body treatments are the way to go.  Your skin will feel rejuvenated, moisturized, and you might even receive a slimming effect.

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