Must Have Luxury Camping Gear for the DIYer’s

Do you want the experience of luxury camping, or “glamping“, but your pocketbook can’t afford the hefty price tag that goes along with it?  There is one awesome piece of luxurious and cool camping gear to solve your troubles. You can create a luxury camping experience for your girl getaways with the power tent by Eureka! This tent provides the luxury of indoor lodging.  Enjoy the comforts of home alongside the scenery of favorite campground.  There is no roughing with the this equipment. The power tent provides you electricity, light, and comfort for the closest luxury camping experience you and the girls can create yourself.

The model that provides the ultimate level of comfort for luxurious camp feeling; is the Eureka! 1310 N!ergy tent.  This gear is equipped with three 12 volt dc outlets wired up to a rechargeable battery pack (sold separately).  The outlets allow you and fellow camper’s to blow dry your hair, charge your phones, and enjoy a pot of coffee.  Accessories such as built-in clear skylights and additional indoor light allow you to see your way around at night. This tent has plenty of room to get a good nights rest.

One thing I have never personally enjoyed during a camping holiday is the confinement of space.  You won’t experience that with this gear.  It has a floor size of 13′ x 10″ to easily sleep ten. The six-foot ceiling height allows to move around with ease.  Also included is a removable room divider when one needs some privacy. Other accessories include attachable gear lofts; so no one’s stuff gets mixed up. The power tent is designed with a storm shield to keep you comfortable in any weather condition.

This fine luxury camping gear is an excellent solution for creating a cool camping site yourselves.  Get the comfort of being indoors while enjoying the great outdoors at favorite campsite.

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