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The most relaxing luxury camping holiday available in the U.S. is El Capitan Canyon Resort. It’s the ultimate cool camping experience for a girl vacation. Located on a seaside pocket of the Pacific Coast, this campsite delivers a majestic view of the ocean and breathtaking canyons. If your group loves the outdoors and simplistic luxuries then this El Capitan is the spot for you.

Lodging is available in canyon cedar cabins and safari tents. There are 108 individual cabins, with a variety of features to choose from.  All cabins are equipped with: bathroom facilities, kitchenette, bed(s), heating controls, and for those who need to stay connected there is access to wireless internet.

Cabins are available as suites, lofts, single room cabins, and the canyon bunk.  Suites offer a spacious camping experience for those who like to have their private sleeping space.  The canyon bunk is perfect  for the girls who want slumber party memories. This option comfortably sleeps four people with two bunk beds. To really take full advantage of this luxury camping resort, then take some time out to get pampered and reconnect with yourself.

This luxury campground offers canyon side massages for complete relaxation. Massage treatments are available as basic therapy, hot stone treatments, barefoot deep work and other specialized treatments.  Another activity you and the girls shouldn’t miss out on is the Woman’s Journey to Wholeness spiritual retreat.  The retreat teaches you primordial sound mediation and  yoga to get yourself realigned with you.

Enjoy the picturesque ocean and canyon side views while communing with nature. This Santa Barbara resort has many lodging accommodations to choose from with plenty of activities for you and the girls to feel luxurious.  To get the ultimate experience of the finest luxury camp spots available try glamping (glamorous camping), and book a reservation for El Capitan.  Take pleasure in the little things, life has to offer you.

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