Getting Away From It All: Camping In Colorado With the Gals

Perhaps you’re not looking for the best spa to visit or the most expensive and upbeat mall to shop at; you’re not interested in the fine tea houses of the state or the mountain zoo that is one of two in the entire nation. Perhaps you’re like my friend Sarah, who would like nothing more than to find a trail and a campground and set up camp. Colorado camping is truly camping at its finest, and is the perfect solution to any weekend girls getaway for a group that loves the outdoors.

Uncompahgre State Parks
While there are many different campgrounds on the Eastern Slope of the Rockies, some of the best camping sites are located farther west in the heart of the range. For example, the Uncompahgre State Parks offers a variety of sites that are sure to take your breath away and provide a wonderful camping experience. The Amphitheater campground, located near Telluride, is only a short distance from the town yet situated so as to feel like you are the only ones around for miles. This campground is suited for tent camping, while the nearby Matterhorn campground is more equipped to house RVs and motor homes. Any one of the seven campgrounds around Telluride and Ouray provide a unique glimpse into “America’s Little Switzerland,” as this are of Colorado is called.

If you don’t want the heights and stunning views that come with the campgrounds in the Uncompahgre, head to the Western slope. Several campgrounds around Grand Junction offer beautiful panoramas and are perched at a variety of elevations, allowing you to pick your destination. A girls camping trip in Colorado would be the perfect excuse to visit this amazing corner of the Centennial State.

Glenwood Canyon Resort
This resort is a full retreat with campgrounds for the tent enthusiasts. Only 5,800 feet above sea level, it offers a beautiful setting for any girly camp-out and is only a short distance from the town of Glenwood Springs. Another campground in the area is the Coffee Pot Spring, a site that is quite a bit higher in altitude than the previously mentioned. It sits at over 10,000 feet and offers nearby attractions such as the White River Plateau and the Deep Creek Overlook.

These are just a few sites that ya’ll might consider looking at when choosing your campsite for that girls getaway. But as Sarah and I both know, there are a few essentials that every girl must have if she’s to relax in the rough. First, a blow-up mattress is quite necessary to your nightly comfort. Secondly, please remember to bring the bug spray. The mosquitoes arrive in armies every night during the summer, and painful, sleepless, and later hilarious nights will result if you forget the bug spray. Lastly, every get together with girls and sleeping bags must include marshmallows, dark chocolate, and graham crackers. These are the necessary ingredients to any girls camping trip in Colorado.

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