Camping On The Oregon Coast: Basic Lodging And Necessities

Camping in Oregon with the gals is one of the best ways to experience everything that the Northwest brings. With its unique climate and culture, there are certainly things that you should be aware of when planning for your Oregon camping trip. Here are just a few things to keep in mind.


There are multiple ways to go on a girls camping trip in Oregon. Of course, you can always rent an RV big enough for the entire party and create a cozy little home in the middle of the wilderness, on the seashore, or even on the side of a country road where the view is simply breathtaking.

Going to the other extreme, you can bed down on the hard earth in a tent. Please be sure to pack extra padding for your bedding and do not set up the tent on top of the rainfly. Then there is always the possibility of using a cabin for your lodgings; some have bunks that you can use to sleep on, although they would certainly be much more comfortable with air mattresses on top.

The last option for any Oregon camping trip with the girls is to rent a yurt. This unique phenomenon is sweeping across the country but began right in the Beaver State. They seem to be a cross between a tent and a cabin. For your own comfort, ladies, they are filled with comfy furniture. By the way, you do not have to try to attempt to raise the structures; you must simply rent one that is already set up on the camping site.

Other essential but sometimes overlooked items that you absolutely must have if you plan to go camping on the Oregon coast or anywhere in the state: raincoats and bug spray. First, a raincoat is very necessary for your own comfort. Oregon rarely sees the sunshine, and as a result often experiences drizzly weather. Be prepared and pack a light raincoat in your gear for utilization at a moment’s notice. Secondly, please pack a can of bug spray. Where there is plenty of water, there is bound to be bugs, and Oregon is no exception. It really is not fun to stay awake all night because the mosquitoes are biting and you and all the gals are in constant misery. That is not the picture of relaxation that you envisioned. Be prepared and have a trusted bug spray amongst all the trappings that you pack for your Oregon camping trip.

These are only a few essentials that you should know–the basics of lodging at an Oregon campsite and the basic necessities that you will need to enjoy the lodging stay. With a solid plan and a definite destination, your girls-only camping trip to Oregon should be a blast.

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