Canopy Chair for Relaxing in the Shade

A canopy chair is great piece of outdoor furniture for your girl getaways to the beach or any outing for the matter. These chairs work in number of different situations.  There are several different models to meet specific needs for anyone and everyone.   These chairs offer protection during various environmental factors on sunny and rainy days.  You can truly enjoy whatever you are doing, whether it be lounging at the beach or watching your child’s soccer games it’s suitable for any occasion.

Kelsyus is the primary manufacturer of canopy chairs.   The company received the 2009 Product of the year for this chair design.   There are several features to choose from. If you want to lounge in your chair, there are models that recline so you can relax.  Need to put your feet up for awhile? Then there are models with foot rest available.   These chairs have beverage holders, to keep your drink nearby.   More advanced models of this chair offer an extended shade to keep the sun out of your eyes.

What’s great about these chairs besides the canopies is they are made from weatherproof material.   It’s very durable, so you will definitely get your money’s worth.   Sitting low to the ground, the chair is ultra comfortable as your feet stay on the ground.  There is an adjustable metal frame to support weight up to 250 pounds.  The canopy is also adjustable so if you want more exposure to the sun, simply roll back the shade. When it’s time to pack up and leave, the chair folds up to a compact size.   There are even back straps to make transporting them from one place to another incredible easy.   The chair is very lightweight so you won’t experience back pain by carrying it.

A canopy chair provides with shade in the sun, protection form rain and weather conditions.  The chairs are available in a variety of styles and adjustments levels to meet your needs.  They are really perfect for any outdoor occasion!

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