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Okay, I am not sure if a Tall Ship adventure would fit into your definition of a Caribbean cruise, but if you are up for some adventure and fun with the gals, you should really check this out. It really has none of the glitz and glamour of typical cruises, but if you want the wind in your face and to see some places other cruisers won’t see then this may be the Caribbean getaway for you and your friends.

You and your friends can feel like pirates as you cruise through the Caribbean stopping at secluded beaches, isolated coves, and sandy clays around the windward islands of Saint Lucia, St Vincent, and Dominica among others.

This will be a dream vacation if your forte is diving, snorkeling, or even if you want to learn how to dive, there is a PADI on board from whom you can take lessons.

Tall Ship Adventures offer fun specifically for groups. You can learn how to take the helm and handle ropes, keep watch, and set the sails. You can also learn some about ocean navigation. You can simply just enjoy the smallness and intimacy of the group, as these ships only accommodate between 10 and 300 people, depending on ship size.

The accommodations range from luxurious to more simple bunk-type rooms. This will depend on your budget, but just because you are going to sail on a real ship does not mean that you can’t have first class accommodations if that is what you want.

These are usually ten day cruises and set sail from Barbados. They are all inclusive packaged deals, so room and board is included.  Their fleet includes many different sized ships to accommodate different sized groups. You could even take a trip exclusively with just 10 of your friends!

If you and your friends want something a little off the beaten path of a typical Caribbean cruise, the you will love a Tall Ship Adventure! Think about the laughing you would do as you watch your friend learn how to sail a boat!

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