Caribbean Getaway: Cruising With Friends

As mentioned in my post below, all kinds of Caribbean getaways are available for all types of travellers. If you are going to choose a Caribbean vacation, how about a cruise? A cruise can offer many of the pampering, site seeing, dining, and plain girl-time you are looking for, and a cruise through the Caribbean may be just what you are looking for.

Here are some reasons you may want to choose a Caribbean getaway cruise for you and your friends:

1. The ships are built like cities! Everything you can get in the city, you probably can get on the ship, no joke. Did you know that many cruise liners are a mile long and 25 stories high? They may have marble atriums, spiral staircases, dozens of elevators, multiple pools and Jacuzzis, suites with living rooms, dining rooms, and sundecks, art galleries, shops and boutiques, fitness centers, steakhouses, night clubs and bars.

2. While they are great on the ship itself, they also take you through the Caribbean. Getaway and explore the scenery and culture of the islands and thier beautiful beaches. When you book your cruise, you can also pre-reserve onshore excursions such as horseback riding, kayaking, scuba diving, or bus site-seeing tours.

3. You will love hanging out on the top decks along the pool, chatting, relaxing and sunbathing with your friends. You will enjoy poolside service and usually live music.

4. Cruises offer such things as wine tasting seminars, pottery making classes, and yoga classes: something that will fit whatever type of group you are!

5. If is is a special occasion like a birthday or bachelorette/bridal getaway, you can request champagne to be in your rooms upon arrival or another type of personal touch. Staff are usually more than willing to make your vacation memorable!

6. There are many choices for a night filled with fun too. Magic shows, comedians, karaoke, gambling, Broadway-quality shows, dancing, and movies. You will have many choices that you and the girls will love.

If you do choose a Caribbean getaway cruise, there are three main cruise lines you will want to check out: the Royal Caribbean, Carnival Princess and Norwegian Cruise Lines. I will go into some detail about these choices in my next post.

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