Cheap Spa Weekend- Throw a Pedicure Party!

The perfect solution for having cheap spa weekends is to do it yourself.   Once again it’s time to send the man and children away, so you and the girls can give yourselves some tender loving care that is long overdue.   One of the best spa treatments you can do yourself is a pedicures. It’s one sure fire way to feel like a diva on some of your worst days.  So it’s time to get on Facebook and send out invites to your girlfriends or email them.

When you invite your girlfriends over for a pedicure party, they will need to bring over some of their own supplies for personal hygiene purposes.  Ask each girl to bring over their own basin which large enough to soak their feet in.   They will also need to bring along with them a bottle of nail polish, and pedicure supplies.  Items such as nail clippers, toe separators, pumice stones will come handy if each girl brings their own.

Set the tone up just right by lighting some scented candles and playing relaxing music in the background.   Prepare some healthy snacks to enjoy along with beverages of your choice for your friends to enjoy.   Once the guests arrive make some time to snack and chat.

When you and the girls are ready to treat your feet.  Direct the ladies to the bathroom to fill their basins with hot water and bath salts to soak their feet.  Before the guest soak their feet, they will need to remove any nail polish off of their toes.  Soak your feet for 15-30 minutes to soften up the layers of dead skin.

If you notice the water is getting cool, then it’s time to smooth away dead skin.   You can use foot scrub or a pumice stone to slough off the rough layers of dead skin to get the feet feeling really smooth.  Now everyone should take their basins of water to flush away in the bathroom.

Now it’s time to moisturize feet with lotion . Finish up with nail polish.  Each girl can apply their own or you can take turns painting each others. It’s completely up to you and your guests.  At the end of the night make sure each girl takes home her supplies.

Pedicure parties are fun way to have a cheap spa weekends.  Invite the girls over.  Ask each guest to bring supplies with them.  Enjoy the benefits and good feelings of giving yourselves some tender loving care.

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