Cheap Weekend Away- Did Someone Say Road trip?

One of the best ways to have a cheap weekend away is a plan a road trip.  Round up all the girls for a getaway.  Pack your bags, pile up in the car and feel the wind blow in your hair….maybe.   Road trips make for a great weekend excursion, because of all the sites to see before you reach your destination.   There are many roadside attractions you can enjoy for free with proper research and planning ahead of time.  Ready to hit the road now?  Here are some tips for planning a  fun filled road tripping weekend.

Round up your gal pals to agree on a final destination. After you decided where you want to go, now it’s time to research the cost involved. You can get the total number of miles required for travel on Google maps.  This will give you an idea how much money you’ll need for gas expenses.  You’ll also want to research accommodations for your final destination.  Call around to get the best deals on hotel rooms.  Be sure to include cost of food and meals to your trip expenses.   You’ll be glad you got yourselves prepared in advance.

Now if you are familiar with the route you will be traveling, then make a list of at 10 places you want to see.  If you aren’t familiar with sites to see, then you can pick up a state tourist guide.  Alternatively you can a trip planning tool such Road Escapes.  Type in your starting point and destination.  You also have the option of entering budget information and the number of people coming with you on the weekend.   The website make recommendations for dining, sites to see, places to see based on your information.  It saves a great deal of time.

Road trips are the best way to get a cheap weekend away.   You and your girlfriends are bound to have a fun time.   Plan ahead and agree on a destination.   Make a list of sites to see.  You are now on your way to hit the road.

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