Cheap Weekend Getaways for Girls: Missouri Getaways

If you and your girlfriends  are looking for cheap weekend getaways, consider looking closer to  home. While the Internet is full of fabulous girls only getaways to places like the Bahamas, Aspen, and South Beach, if your wallet is screaming for mercy, realize that you can still have a great time with your friends, get away from it all and plan a cheap getaway with the girls.

You’ll find there are a lot of fun things to do in cities all across America, that while not touted as hot vacation spots, really have a lot to offer. For example, St. Louis is a great place to get away from it all. Visit the Gateway Arch, local breweries, and see the Cardinals play. Ride to the top of the arch and then look out over Mississippi River. You can take your camera and get some awesome pictures from the top.

There’s also a casino resort for those who like gaming and more than enough spas to keep everyone happy. Even if you just indulge in a manicure or pedicure, you’ll feel as if you’ve been treated like royalty.

If you’re visiting St. Louis between Memorial Day and Labor Day, you can get wild and wet at the Aquaport for just $15. If you drive to the city or plan to rent a car, you can take a road trip on the famed Route 66 and see many of the famous landmarks there.

St. Louis is a great place to go on the cheap because it offers so many free attractions, such as Grant’s Farm, tours of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, and the Zoo, among others. There are also tons of festivals and events all year long that are either free or cheap.

Branson, Missouri is only a day’s drive from at least a third of the population so if you live only a few hours from Branson, which is just about four hours from St. Louis, you can bask in this Ozark Mountain town and see some great shows. While some of them are a bit steep, you can always see the freebies at the Branson Mall, go to Table Rock Lake, and hang out at the multimillion dollar Branson Landing.

Some of the resorts in Branson have inclusive water parks with pools, slides, and some of them even have state of the art fitness rooms. The Welk Resort has it all, including free Wi-Fi and if you’re doubling up with your friends, the cost is more than affordable.

Before you convince yourself that you can’t afford a fabulous weekend getaway with your girlfriends, look around to see which cheap weekend getaways might be in your own neighborhood.

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  • There are great weekend getaways really close to St Louis too. Johnson’s Shut-ins is totally unique. There are some really nice hotels in St Louis. We try to get away without getting away.

  • The gateway arch is really an impressiv building. Especially the elevators are awesome. I really recommend everybody to check it out.

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