How to Budget Cheap Weekend Getaways with the Girls

Are you and your girl friends planning to take that girls’ getaway weekend trip but are afraid that you might not have that much budget for that perfect splurging with your girls? Worry not, because weekend trips like these need not to be on the expensive side of the scale. You can still plan the cheap getaways with your favorite girls.

The first step to determine in planning these cheap weekend getaways is the destination. Are you traveling across the country or just to the next state? This is very important so you can factor in the transportation in your budget. If you’re living in California and would want to spend the weekend in New York, you will need to decide if the plane fares are worth the extra dime or you and your girl friends are willing to take a road trip and drive all the way across the country. Scout for the cheapest means of transportation that all of you will agree on.

Once you have decided on your weekend trip destination, the next thing you need to agree on is the date and time to take this trip. Be sure that every one of the girls are in and are available on the dates you all agreed upon. There’s nothing worse than realizing one of you are not free on that weekend. Make sure each and everyone have already blocked that weekend off from their calendars.

The key in planning cheap getaways is agreeing on a budget and your itinerary. What did you plan to do on that weekend? Splurge with shopping on high-end designer stores or looking for those cute and rare but cheap finds in the city’s famed discount shopping districts? Do you plan to pamper yourselves with the best spa treatments available in the city? You need to consider these things in order for you to determine how much money each of you will spend on that weekend.

Scout for cheaper hotels and day spa resorts that offer the same treatment as those luxury spas for half the price. Check travel forums online to see reviews from fellow travelers who have been to the place you and your friends want to visit. They are more than willing to give tips and tricks to future travelers, apart from pitfall warnings.

If you want to get more from these cheap weekend getaways, look for accommodations and travel packages that offer group discount rates. Some hotels and travel agencies offer these group discounted rates that you and your friends can avail for your trip. Some hotels, like the Omni Hotel in Los Angeles, offer packages that are fit for a girls’ weekend getaway.

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