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The cost of going on vacation can get pretty gruesome. The price of airfare, hotels, and packages add up when you start planning for a girlfriend getaway.   The advantage to planning cheap weekends away is you can cut the costs in half.  Another great benefit is the ability to create your own weekend vacation to suit everyone tastes. We all enjoy different things.  Why not make it fun and enjoyable for everyone involved? This will involve a bit more time and research, but it’s well worth it to get some time to bond with your friends.  Here are some ways to create your own getaway weekend.

Plan ahead of time. The first thing you should do is have you and your friends list out activities you love to do.   Once the list is made then do some research of destinations.   An excellent place to start you research is your state’s tourism website or travel guides.  You’ll find a categorized listing of cities, activities and hotel accommodations.

Once you have determined the destination of your weekend getaway, check out the City’s convention or visitor’s bureau.   The convention center will be able to provide you with any hotels offering special deals or discounts.  You can also save a bundle if you pack along your own food and beverages.   Check to see if the lodging accommodations provide a refrigerator in the room.  Just taking snack foods with you along the ride can save you some serious cash.

If funds are low for you and the girls, consider starting a money account for weekend trips.  The benefit is your money will be working for you as it accumulate interest.  You could skip eating out for lunch once a week, and deposit the money into  the fund.  Over a period of time, you and the girls have a nice little stash to enjoy your weekend.

Creating your cheap weekends away can not only save you money, but will give everyone an enjoyable weekend.  Get with the girls to see what they would enjoy doing. Do the research.  Start up a getaway fund.  Make it happen- you owe it to yourself!

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