Chicago Getaways: Shopping

Chicago Getaways: Experience Shopping with Your Girlfriends like No Other!

We all know shopping is what girls love to do especially when they get together. Shopping is like the one activity that girls never get tired of. Even just the simple browsing through hundreds of beautiful clothes and trying them on is enough to quench their thirst for feeling fabulous, now who would not be fond of actually buying those clothes? Other than shopping for clothes, girls also pay a lot of attention to buying shoes. Some even enjoy shopping for shoes rather than for clothes. But overall, shopping really is one activity that creates a strong bond between girlfriends that could not be broken easily.

And where else could girls shop their heart out while enjoying beautiful sights but in Chicago? You would be able to do a lot of things in Chicago but you could never leave out shopping in your list of activity for your Chicago getaways. The shops that you would not find just anywhere would surely overwhelm you once you step into the malls of Chicago. Your choices of clothes, shoes and other items would not be limited because Chicago does not only have high class boutiques but also suburban malls that contain items that would definitely fit your budget. Since Chicago has the most reputable designer stores and unique suburban clothing stores as well, your shopping experience would surely be satisfactory.

In your next Chicago getaways, be sure to stop by their famous malls such as Ford City Mall and American Girl Place. In the Ford City Mall, you would find department stores and specialty shops. If you and your girlfriends become exhausted while shopping around the mall, you could head to the restaurants and have a great meal or see a movie in the theaters adjacent to the airport. If you and your girlfriends are feeling particularly child-like, you might want to visit American Girl Place. In this shop, you would also find a café and an adorable doll hospital that would surely be enjoyed by the little girl in you.

If you and your girlfriends want to try open-air shopping, you could try going to Oak Brook Center and shop around 160 retailers situated near the lush gardens and fountains in the area. This open-air shopping center is the largest in the country so the shopping experience here would undoubtedly be exciting. Since there are so many stores, you will probably see a lot of items that you would like to buy so make sure that you are financially ready.

So, the next time you have Chicago getaways, invite all of your girlfriends for ultimate girlfriend getaways, be prepared to spend a lot and shop your heart out.

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