Why Chicago Getaways are Great for Girls

Shopping, food and cultural interests: Chicago has the main ingredients for a great holiday with the girls. Big city lights and activities combined with unique cultural and culinary attractions make Chicago getaways fun for women.

Great shopping can be had at the Magnificent Mile. Prep your feet and credit card for a day of splurging over great bargains. Major retailers are represented here. Or you can focus on the many stores unique to Chicago. If your feet do give out, take advantage of the free trolley. Even if you do not plan on spending money, seeing the many shops can be very fun!
A trip to Chicago would not be complete without the famed deep dish pizza. The cozy Pizzeria Uno and its sister, Pizzeria Due, serve the most authentic versions of this Chi Town classic.

Start the day with a hearty breakfast or brunch at Yolk. This local favorite serves crepes, pancakes, omelets and French toast in generous portions.

Get a grand view of the city by cruising down the Chicago River. Chicago’s Architectural Foundation offers a boat tour the makes for a great way to see and learn more about the city.

Water taxis plying Lake Michigan are another unique way to see the city from afar. The route starts from the Navy Pier and end up at the Chicago Museum.

For something more laid back, pack a picnic basket and board a train to Ravinia. Find a good spot on the lawns of this outdoor concert park and enjoy the day with music supplied by a classical group.

The Chicago Art Institute also offers quiet moments for the more artistic groups. A

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courtyard café is a great spot to while the afternoon.

Chicago getaways can be entirely overlooked when girls are looking to get out of town by themselves! It is worth a look, however! If you need help finding good deals then Priceline.com always has a way to find a good deal on packages, or if you just need a hotel, then Click Here for the Best Chicago Hotel Deals!

If you live close to Chicago, but never have taken advantage of all there is to see there, then this could be the perfect girlfriend getaway for you and your friends.

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