Clothes for Cruises: Dress for Success

Choosing clothes for cruises is a a daunting task.   You want to look and feel your best when you are on your girl getaways, right?  There is so much to think about, prepare for, when it comes to wearing the right apparel for the appropriate occasion.   To alleviate the headache and the frustration here is a brief guideline for the  main categories of dress style on most cruise ships.

On-board attire such as t-shirts, short, slacks, blouses or sundresses are suitable during the day when you are indoors and out.   If you want to go lounge by the pool, a bathing suit. Casual shoes, and appropriate cover is required.   T shirts and shorts or even a cute sarong work for cover up so you can get to and from the pool with no problems.

You will find many cruise line’s have a dress code when it comes to dinner attire and evening activities.   The first category is casual apparel.  Casual wear is consists of sundresses, blouses and pants for women.   This is the for the more laid back evenings.

The next category is known as smart casual.   You may also know the term as business casual.  Dresses and pantsuits are appropriate for these nights. A simple rule of thumb to use here is something that you would wear at the office.   The Clothes look nice, but it’s nothing “over the top.”

The final category of dinner attire is the Formal.   Formal evening wear consists of cocktail dresses or pant suits for women.  These nights give you and the girls to look fantastic.  It’s fun to get all dolled up, don’t you agree?  Many ships also offer rental if you don’t fell like blowing the money on a cocktail dress.  This may be something worth checking into.

Choosing the right clothes for cruises, helps if you know what is suitable to wear.  Remember the three main categories for dress code-casual, smart casual, and formal. Check with the cruise line’s website to get more specific guidelines, so that you dress for success.

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