Cool Camping Gear for Great Outdoor Adventures

Going camping at that cool camping spot with just you and your friends? You know the obvious stuff to pack, but here is some cool camping gear to pick up for your girlfriend getaway into the great outdoors.  Just because you are roughing it does not mean that you have to look it and feel it. You can still get a great night’s rest and get up in the morning and enjoy a hot cup of coffee with the girls and enjoy just being together in the serenity of nature.

This list of the best equipment will keep you cool at night, let you look your best, and start your morning off right:

Going camping on a hot summer night?  The Marmot Always Summer sleeping bag is the perfect solution for a cool comfortable night sleep during your camping trip. This sleeping bag contains 600 Fill Goose Down to give the best comfort. Equipped with a down fill oversized draft tube to eliminate cold spots. Tricot baffles allow the camper to stuff and unstuff the down to provide the right level of warmth. Once you have had a good night’s rest then it’s time to start your morning off right.

Can’t start your day off right without a good cup of coffee or two? This handy little device, the camping coffee grinder, gives you the best cup of joe.  This hand cranked grinder mills grinds the beans quickly and quietly, so you don’t wake up the other campers. It will surprise your friends and they will thank you to wake up to nice fresh coffee! Now that you are awake and feeling your best, you can look your best too.

If you always want to look your best, then be sure to pack waterproof makeup to put your best face forward.   You can also purchase waterless wash for freshening up.  Moisturizing wet wipes will keep you feeling clean during your outdoor excursion. Many campgrounds offer shower facilities, but they do not provide soap and other toiletries, so make sure you plan ahead and pack what you will need in travel sized containers. Take a waterproof bag into the shower that hangs so you don’t have to worry about putting your dirty clothes onto the shower floor.

Be sure to pack this list of cool camping gear for your next camping trip. The Marmot Always Summer sleeping bag will give you a good nights sleep. The camping coffee grinder will get day started  off right.  Waterproof makeup and waterless cleanser will have you feeling and looking your best.

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