Cool Camping Spots- The Top Five

Ready to journey into the great outdoors and want to know where the cool camping spots are?  Look no further…here is a list of the five best ranked campsites in the United States to go on your getaway with the girls. Camping is not just for families and guys, if you want to take a girl vacation, but wanting to get away from civilization, not be even more immersed in it, then a camping adventure may suit you and the girls rather well!

1) Brookville Lake in Brookville, Indiana

Brookville Lake located at the heart of Whitewater River Valley is in the southeastern part of Indiana and positioned on the East Fork of the River. The campgrounds are spacious, and perfect for fishing.

2) Loon Lake Lodge & RV Resort

Loon Lake is infamous for its serene climate. It’s located 18 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Beach side camping is available for a very chill relaxing getaway. The campground is well maintained and clean. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the campsite.  If you’re looking for waterside activities they have plenty available at the marina.  Restaurants, a store and fuel are also available on location.

3) The Carolina Hemlocks in Burnsville, North Carolina

Located on the South Toe River, the Carolina Hemlocks is one of the best swimming spots there is.  This campground is ideal for swimming, fishing and hiking.  The picturesque hiking trails are absolutely breath-taking.  The hosts are pleasant and the camp sites are well maintained.

4) Ocean Pond in Olutsee, Florida

Ocean Pond campground is located on the North Side of Ocean Pond.  Campsites are available for tents, trailers, or motor homes with electrical outlets as well. There are many waterfront campsites available. Activities available are swimming, fishing and hiking.

5) Yosemite National Park in Mariposa, California

The majestic scenery of Yosemite will take your breath away. Enjoy long hikes to view the Giant Sequoias or take a tour of Glacier Point see an amazing view of Yosemite Valley.  There are several activities during your camping trip such as, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, skiing  and sight-seeing.

There are several camping sites to choose from. This list gives you an idea of cool camping spots have to offer you and the girls on your next camping trip. We often do not realize just how close many camping spots are to our own backyards. Hopefully this short list can get you imaginations going and you can find that ideal, and cool camp spot that will fit you and your friends tastes.

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