Cruise Clothes Packing Tips-Preparation for a Fun Vacation

Packing cruise clothes and proper preparation can make or break your girlfriend getaways.  If you’ve planned ahead, it’s smooth sailing and an enjoyable vacation. If you’ve haven’t you may just feel frustrated throughout the whole trip by spending excess money on things you really didn’t need to.   Have you ever been on a vacation before only to to find out that you forgot to pack the appropriate clothing or nice dress? It’s frustrating experience as well as embarrassing.   Here some tips to help you plan and prepare upfront, so you enjoy your cruise with your friends.

You should begin preparing at one week in advance for your cruise.   Things to put in consideration is the duration of your trip.  Obviously, if you the cruise is 3 days you will need a lot less clothing than a 7 day trip.  Create a list of clothes to pack for your trip.  If you have booked your cruise online, then a valuable tool to help with all the details is the cruise line’s website.   Finding out all the pertinent information about the cruise ships activities will be of tremendous value.  Many ships have formal nights, these event require a more formal dress code.  Don’t you want to experience all the cruise has to offer?

After you have made a list of clothes to take with on your vacation, then it’s time to start thing about the other necessities.  Make  a list of toiletries to bring along, medications, phone and charger.  You mustn’t forget the camera to capture vacation moments with your best friends.  Other items that can be lifesavers to pack are a portable iron, and laundry bags for your dirty clothes. Packing two pairs of shoes is incredibly helpful, this way you have a comfy pair and one for formal nights.

When you prepare a list of cruise clothes and other necessities your vacation will go smoothly.   Enjoy your vacation by preparing a week ahead of time.  Make a list of clothes, toiletries and other useful items.  Get prepared for smooth sailing ahead!

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