Cruise Clothing Basics

Knowing what type of cruise clothing to pack is essential.  Whether you are dressing for comfort or style, knowing what clothes to pack can make or break your girl getaways.   Here are some basic guidelines for creating a packing checklist for your next cruise.

First become familiar with baggage restrictions.   There are many cruise ships that do not place limits on luggage.  One thing to keep in mind is that many cabins don’t have large closet space.  Keeping to things to minimum may be necessary.

Next, you will need to evaluate the climates you will be traveling through and to.  Check out your cruise itinerary to pack the appropriate clothing for various climates.   It’s one thing if you are traveling though tropical climates and it’s a whole another ball game if taking an Alaskan tour.  Many travel agents will be happy to assist you with making suggestion in what attire to bring along for the trip.  You can also do a bit of research online as well.

Since there are a whole plethora of activities to do on a cruise ship, one set of clothes a day won’t do the trick. To take full advantage of the activities the cruise ship has to offer, plan accordingly.

You will want to make sure you pack the appropriate amount of casual clothing for the day time.  This will vary depending on the climate.  Jeans, shorts, shirts, a swimsuit, shoes and the other various essential such as socks and under garments.

You will need another set of clothing for the shore and beach excursions.  Items such as shorts, walking shoes, and appropriate swimwear are essential items to pack.

The last thing you will need to pack is evening attire.  Many cruise lines have a dress code to follow during evening meals.  Then there are the more formal activities that require a more sophisticated dress.  Again pack accordingly.

Knowing what kind of cruise clothing can make or break your getaways with the girls. Check out your travel itinerary to pack for the climate.   Pack clothing to go with the activities.   You’ll be prepared for relaxing vacation.

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