Facial Treatments Made at Home

Many facial treatments can be made in the comfort of your home with things you already have.  There is no reason not to pamper yourself or take girl getaways. All you need is a bit of creativity, some fruits and vegetables, any your best girls! Invite the girls over and have them bring over their favorite beverage.   Become the hostess with the mostess by having a facial party.  Here are some homemade facial recipe treatments that you can make with the supplies you may already have.  No buying any weird stuff, you haven’t ever heard of.  These are really easy and simple to make up.

Many fruits and vegetables contain very therapeutic elements to help treat the skin.  First we’ll begin with types of fruit and how they are beneficial to the skin. Then how to mix up the facial mask treatment.

Grated apples help soothes and smooth dry skin.  The natural chemical found in apples help to gently exfoliate the skin.

Mash bananas to leave skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Papaya is an natural exfoiliant.  It contains enzymes which help to dissolve and remove dead skin cells.

Crushed grapes works wonders to tone and cool the skin.

All of these recipes are prepared in the same manner.   First choose the fruit of your choice.  Mix, mash and blend the fruit until becomes a paste.  Apply the mask to clean damp face for 15 minutes.  When the facial treatment is using a washcloth rinse off the mixture.  Rinse your face off with warm water.  Then depending on your skin type, follow up with an astringent or moisturizer.

These are some of the easiest facial treatments you can make at home.   The next time you are ready for night with the girls, invite them over for an evening of inexpensive pampering using what you already have in your kitchen.  No need to spend an excess amount of money when you can do it yourself!

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