Tips to Finding Awesome Spa Getaway Deals

Do you want to know how to get spa getaway deals for your next outing with the girls?   Well there are several things you can do to get bargain prices for spa treatments.   Women who frequent resorts and spas know all the little secrets to striking the best deals on beauty and body treatments.   Here are some strategies many frequent spa-goers have to share.

Research Online

Spa directory websites are an incredibly useful tool to research and find spas. Spa Finder has a Spa Finder Deal Days that is held usually every Fall  to celebrate Wellness Week.  Sign up on their email list by placing your email address and zip code in the form.  You receive deals and discounts via email.  During Spa Finder Deal Days, you could land $50 spa treatments or 50% discount.   You can also find great deals on spa treatments on the website in the off season.

Another website similar to Spa Finder is Spa Week.  The promotional event for Spa Week takes place on October 10-16th, 2011.   You can register at the website by again signing up for the email list.  Participating spas will offer $50 spa treatments for certain services. Hurry though because reservations are taking place now and fill up fast!

Rewards and Loyalty Programs

If you and your girls plan on taking regular spa getaways, then it might be worthwhile signing up for a rewards program. Ask spas if they offer such a program.  You could very very well land a free treatment.

Buy a Treatment Series or Buy in Bulk

When you buy a series treatments such as microdermabrasion you can get a better deal when you pay up front.  The same goes with buying massage treatments.   It might be worthwhile to have you and the girls chip in together to buy a bulk of massages rather than one at a time.

Spa getaway deals are easy to come by when you know where to look.  Look for deals on spa directory websites. Ask spas if they offer reward programs.  Buy in bulk whenever you can.  You and the girls could be saving some big bucks!

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