Folding Camp Bed for a Good Night’s Rest

A folding camp bed is a fantastic piece of camping equipment.   You’ll get a good nights rest on the outdoor girlfriend getaways.  The folding beds are ideal for those that don’t enjoy the thought of sleeping directly on the ground.

The first aspect you should consider before buying a camp bed is size.   The size of the bed shouldn’t be any longer then 3/4 of the size of your tent.   This will provide you with enough space to easily navigate through your tent.  You will have more room for storing  your things if you follow this rule.

Another benefit to folding beds is that you can add a layer of cushion or an air mattress.  Egg crates are cheap option to add layer of comfort while you sleep.   Memory foam is another option, and it so comfortable.  The other option that is available is to get an air mattress.  make sure when you buy an air mattress for camping that it comes with an air pump.  This will save you time, your breath, and prevent frustration.  Another thing you will need is repair kit in the case of damage to the mattress.

Factors to evaluate before purchasing a camp bed is the weather conditions you will be using the camping bed in.  Things you need to check out are materials the bed is made of and also levels of insulation available.   Following this tip will provide you with a comfortable nights sleep.

The next factor to consider is the amount of weight the camping bed will support.  Check out how much weight the bed can hold.  It would terrible if your bed broke while camping.

A folding camp bed delivers a good nights rest.  Be sure to evaluate these things before purchasing your bed. Determine the length of your tent.   Decide if you want additional padding.   Evaluate weather conditions.  Check out the amount of weight the bed will support.   Follow these guidelines and enjoy a night of comfort in the great outdoors.

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