Fun With The Girls In Colorado Springs

From Denver, Colorado’s capitol city, head south into the drier climate of the highlands. Welcome to Colorado Springs, folks…This gem of a city is the perfect place to bring your younger nieces and little cousins for a Colorado girls getaway. Located at the foot of Pikes Peak and tucked into the foot of the Rockies extending out to the plains, Colorado Springs offers plenty of fun activities you might expect in Denver, but without all the bustle and traffic in the capitol.

Old Colorado City
Even if just for a day, Colorado getaways can provide plenty of opportunities to be girly and have fun in the mountains. For example, just a day-long getaway is a perfect opportunity to visit a puppet theater and sip tea at one of Colorado Springs’ fine tea houses. For the ultimate theater-and-tea day, head down to Old Colorado City, located on the west side of Colorado Springs. Here you will find the charming Simpich Theater, where the Simpich family has for generations hand-carved their own puppets and put on stunning productions in their own theater. Just across the street and down the road you will find a sweet little tea shop, known to locals as the Latte Cafe European Cuisine. Just so you are aware, it is full of pink ruffles, lace, rosebuds, pearls, and the like. My personal recommendation for this outing is to stop by the cafe and eat lunch before the Simpich performance begins, usually around 2:30 p.m. This girly day is the perfect time to dress up in pink dresses, frilly bows, and straw hats for a day on the town!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
In addition to its long line of achievements and bragging rights, Colorado also has the best mountain zoo in the nation. In case you didn’t know just how special that is, there is only one other mountain zoo in the United States, and that is North Carolina. Our Rockies, of which the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is part of, are much more grand than any Carolinian mountains. Head to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for a fun morning exploring our many exotic exhibits, and then head to our five-star hotel and resort, the Broadmoor, for tea. The Penrose Room, located on the top floor of this famous hotel, serves a stunning tea every afternoon with elegant food and breathtaking views of the mountains. The zoo and tea is another all-day adventure that you and your gals will highly enjoy.

Focus on the Family’s Visitor Center
Of course, if you would like to turn the day trip into one of your weekend getaways in Colorado, you can always do both of these activities. And if you have any extra time with that little niece, daughter, or cousin, check out Focus on the Family’s Visitor Center. This fun-filled building on the Focus on the Family’s campus is one of Colorado Springs’ most popular tourist attractions, and offers free admission. All the girls will love the Whit’s End Soda Counter, the three-story corkscrew slide, and plenty more fun from the Visitor Center at Focus on the Family!

Editor’s Note: I would like to point out that we often forget how important “girl-time” can be with our daughters, nieces, and cousins! Thank you, Stephanie, for pointing this out! I LOVE the idea of dressing up all pink and frilly and taking my six year old the Simpich Theater!

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