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For years together men have been enjoying their life to the fullest with football or beer and the accompanying women are just sitting around and not enjoying it.  So, here’s a perfect solution to your problem.  So all you wives and girlfriends just get together and book a suite and plan for an exciting weekend girl getaway.

So, put on your travel bags and plan your side trips to vineyards, spas, museums, adventure destinations and enjoy your life to the fullest. So, all you ladies the best girl getaway destinations are Napa valley, Las Vegas, Miami, Wyoming, Jackson Hole, parker palm springs, Santa Fe , New York, Chicago, Ohio or you can just have fun at US virgin islands.

If you are looking out for something calm and enjoyable getaway, then The Las Vegas is the right getaway. After all, the Vegas trips are not just about drinking, gambling or dancing on the poles.  There are lots of things for all such as lounging by the pool, shopping, enjoying spa treatments, visiting great restaurants and much more.
For a ladies group, a hotel with a spa facility, outdoor place and a pool is the right one. You can just relax during the daytime in the sun and have drinks with food at nights.  Who doesn’t like to be pampered? For that purpose the spa treatments are just too good in Las Vegas.  You can have bridal parties or enjoy manicures, pedicures, massages, etc.

You can have an amazing shopping experience in Vegas. So, if you are serious shopper, wear comfortable shoes so that you can explore a lot of things.   Stores and shops are found in majority of the hotels, but if you are looking for a better selection, then the best destination is forum shops or fashion mall. The fashion mall is quite big with more than 220 stores with high end designers like Versace, Gucci, etc.  If you are on as budget trip, then there are many best outlet stores that are located outside the city that offers top quality merchandise at affordable rates.

After all this, you’ll love to go out and eat something amazing.  In Vegas there are myriad of restaurants and you can select the restaurant according to your budget.  I am sure all you girls are going to have a blast over there and you will cherish this girl getaway for your lifetime.

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