Girl Getaway Vacations: Explore These Two Fabulous Cities

Many women plan a girl getaway vacation each year. Married or single, it has become a way for women to get away from it all and keep their closest friendships alive. Whether they travel near or far, women like to go to places with their girlfriends that they may not be able to go to with their significant others. In any event, if you are thinking of planning a girlfriend getaway for you and your friends, check out some of the cities we have outlined below.

Las Vegas getaways are popular among groups. Las Vegas is also one of the most exciting cities in the world and it makes an excellent vacation destination for girlfriends. You can always find reasonable hotel rooms there and if you are sharing a room with your friends, the cost is really minimal. In addition, you can always find an abundance of meal deals in this fabulous city. Even airlines regularly have sales on fares to Las Vegas so whether or not gambling is your forte, you can go to Las Vegas with your girlfriends on a shoestring budget.

See the shows, stroll through the luxurious strip hotels, and take advantage of all the free entertainment on Fremont street. In addition, Las Vegas has some of the best shopping venues in the country and you’ll enjoy the outlet malls as much as you will enjoy perusing through the trendy shops. Las Vegas spas are also top notch and considered among the best in the world.

New York City is another grand destination for getaways with your girlfriends. See a Broadway show, visit Times Square, go shopping, visit NYC spas, and dine in some of the most famous restaurants in the country. Even if you just drop in for dessert, you can say you’ve been there! Just imagine all the things you can see when you visit the bright lights of New York City! Visit places you’ve seen on TV or read or heard about and fall in love with the city that captivates millions.

Just some of the places you may want to consider for your girls weekend when you take a New York getaway are Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty. While you can have a lot of fun just shopping, dining out, and going to shows, visiting famous landmarks makes you feel as if you are a part of them and it is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Of course, you want to save plenty of time to just gab and enjoy your friends so you don’t want to schedule something for every minute of your trip. If you are feeling like you need a break, girl getaway vacations may be just want you need! Las Vegas and New York City are just two girl weekend getaway ideas that you just may want to consider!

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  • There are lots of cities that are great for girlfriend getaways – Chicago has great restaurants, theater, and the parks!! Millenium Park has art as well as green space, and it’s right on Michigan Ave., across the street from the Art Institute and a couple of blocks from some of the theaters. A weekend of activities within a few blocks!

    San Francisco and New Orleans are fun, too. I always travel with my sister, and these are some of our favorite places for a getaway. We like walking tours (history, architecture, or ethnic culinary tours), theater, shopping – and topping it off with a massage at the hotel or a day spa! A great way to end an active day with “the girls”.

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