Girl Getaway Vacations: Aspen, Colorado

If you have never been on any girl getaway vacations, you are missing out on the experience of a lifetime! If you are like most women, you spend your life giving to others and neglecting yourself. Some of us are so far out of it, we refer to girlfriends as relationships we had in high school or college. Yet, making and maintaining friendships with other women is important for many reasons, not the least of which is that when we spend time with our girlfriends, we are usually able to just sit back and relax, without feeling as if we are being pulled apart by careers or kids.

While it doesn’t really matter where you go when you take time to get away with your girlfriends, you should go somewhere that caters to the real you. For example, what do you really like to do when you get to choose? Would you rather go on a shopping spree, enjoy a spa vacation, or go out on the town? If your friends have different tastes than you do, perhaps you could go somewhere that offers a diverse range of opportunities to relax and have fun.

Aspen is one such place. Whether or not you like to ski, Aspen offers something for everyone and you can go winter or summer. Aspen, Colorado is the premium destination if you’re the outdoorsy type but even if you’re not, you’ll find plenty to do and still be able to enjoy the majestic beauty of the locale. Just imagine mountain biking, horseback riding, or skiing on an awesome girlfriend vacation and after a day of the sun or snow, relax and be pampered at one of the luxurious spas in the area.

You can choose to stay at an all inclusive luxury resort or you can still go to Aspen on a budget. There really is something for everyone here as you can stay at a variety of inns or hotels and enjoy everything from rafting to outdoor concerts, shopping, and spas. Talk to your friends and see what the mood is. Girl getaway vacations to this part of the country can be anything you want them to be. Get fit with your friends or simply bask in all that Aspen has to offer and laze the days away in front of a fireplace. Regardless of what kind of girlfriend weekend you decide to have, there’s no better place to relax and recharge your batteries than the snow capped mountains of Aspen.

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