Girls Vacation to Bangor, Maine: Part 1

Any girl vacation to Maine should include just a bit of everything. From hiking trails to coffee houses to local museum attractions, Maine is the perfect place for a girls weekend getaway or even longer.

So that you don’t get caught in the bogs that grace many of Maine’s forests, I have come up with a road map that will highlight some of my favorite ideas for that girly vacation. We will begin in the city that is home to Maine’s most popular airport, Bangor.

Bangor, Maine, is not just the airplane’s destination; it is also an ideal place to begin your tour of the state. I don’t know about you, but the great outdoors is one of the best ways to relax, in my honest opinion. Bangor is one of the gateways to several different trails that you and your girlfriends will enjoy. For example, the Caribou Bog is one of the most popular in the area, with very little elevation change and a ten-mile trail that is perfect for relaxation any time except for spring, when the bog gets too wet for comfortable hiking. Another trail, the Aroostook Trail, is perfect for hikers, ATV Riders, and bikers. It offers 58 miles of trail networking, and is a part of the state’s Interconnected Trail system. These two trails in particular offer plenty of distance for girls to laugh and chat together as they enjoy the fresh sea air.

Another place you must stop while in Bangor (perhaps after your hike), is a coffeehouse. What is a better way to finish off a day of hiking than to stop in a cozy coffee shop for a meal and a hot cup of coffee? Coffee Express is perhaps Bangor’s most famous coffee shop, having been voted the city’s best for five years in a row. For Starbucks die-hard fans, there is also one of these too, as well as Java Joe’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and several other coffee shop chains. If you and your girlfriends just want to chat and enjoy each others’ company, be sure to stop by a coffee house in Bangor.

Perhaps your girlfriend getaway is on a tour of museums around the area. Bangor is no exception, and is home to several museums that you will wish to see. For example, the Bangor Museum and Center of History is home to a treasure trove of information about days gone by. For the more contemporary museum lover, take your friends to visit the University of Maine’s Museum of Art, known to locals as the UMMA.

Bangor, Maine is the perfect place to begin your girls vacation in Maine. To kick off your vacation, start with a hike, a coffee stop, and a few visits to local museums. Meanwhile, don’t forget to chat away and enjoy all your girlfriends…that’s what a girls only vacation is all about!

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