Girl Weekend Getaway: Ready, Set, Go!

Some women profess that their absolute favorite time of the year is when they go on a girl weekend getaway. It is during that time, they say, that they are finally able to let it all hang out and recharge their batteries. While girls only weekends are a hot trend these days, they really aren’t so different from the male fishing trip or hunting trip that men have been going on since the beginning of time. At last, the women get theirs!

Of course, men would never admit to going on a fishing trip to bond with their buddies. Even if they did, we might worry about them a little. Women, however, need to feel connected and they don’t mind admitting it. It is because of this bond that a huge niche in the travel and hotel industry has popped up that caters to women and their getaway weekends for girls.

Many upscale spas cater to women who are enjoying a weekend with the girls and they will let you share some of the services they offer and split the cost. You can also find special deals at hotels and other venues. Be careful, though, because not all package deals are cost effective.

The best thing about weekend getaways for girlfriends is that there are no rules and there are so many girls getaway weekend ideas to choose from! Whatever the group wants to do is all that is important. Whether you want to hole up in a bed and breakfast and sit by the fireplace talking all weekend or go shopping in one of the most popular shopping districts in the country, all you have to do is get the gang together and make your plans.

While there are some really exotic locations for girls only weekends, there are also many locales that you may not even consider simply because  they are not touted as vacation destinations. Many women love to go to Dallas to shop, New England to ski, and Chicago to eat. Even St. Louis has a lot to offer women on a girls weekend getaway.

Whether you are in the heartland of America or on one of the coasts, there is bound to be a great destination not far from where you are. The sad thing is when people don’t realize all that they have available to them, often within a short distance. The most important thing, however, is that weekend getaways, girlfriends are here to stay and you can start planning yours now.

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  • There are so many things that women can do together for a weekend!

    I spent a weekend with my sisters in Phoenix, horseback riding and visiting an old gold mine.

    In Lexington, Ky., we went to a craft fair to see what the local artists had to offer, and saw the horses at the Thoroughbred Center and Kentucky Horse Park.

    Charleston, SC, is another favorite for it’s architecture and gardens (and the seafood!).

    Even my hometown of Milwaukee has lots to offer – a great art museum, the Harley-Davidson museum, Summerfest (the largest music festival in the country) and ethnic festivals almost every weekend all summer.

    None of these may be at the top of most lists, but they are all great getaways – an even better if you live nearby and don’t have to fly! We all tend to overlook what’s in our own backyards. The point is getting together – the locale is secondary.

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