Girlfriend Getaway Trips to Canada

If your girlfriend getaway trips involve shopping then you may want to go to what was once known as the world’s largest mall. The West Edmonton Mall, also known as WEM, enjoyed the prestige of being the world’s largest mall for more than two decades but it is still the fifth largest mall in the world and the largest in North America. Other than shopping at more than 800 stores, you and your girlfriends can enjoy a host of activities at the mall.

The WEM in Edmonton, Alberta boasts an indoor amusement park with incredible roller coasters and the largest indoor waterpark in the world, complete with water slides and bungee jumping. You can even take an inflatable raft, which holds up to 3 people down one of the water slides. In addition, bungee jumping is offered as well, although you won’t have to worry about any cliffs because you’ll be bungee jumping over the wave pool.

There is also an indoor shooting gallery, miniature golf, and an indoor ice skating rink.  You can also go rock climbing at the Rock ‘N Wall, which is located inside the Galaxyland Amusement Park. There are even themed areas within the mall, such as Bourbon Street, which is darker than the rest of the mall to give it the ambiance of nighttime. There is also an Asian section, Chinatown, with Asian themed markets and food. If you get tired at the end of an incredible girlfriend weekend, you can always unwind at the 300 Club Lounge, which offers a full service bar and large screen TVs.

If you want the full experience, consider staying at the Fantasyland Hotel, which is also located at the West Edmonton Mall. The hotel has several themed rooms, such as the Roman room which comes complete with an incredible Jacuzzi, which is flanked by huge marble pillars. There is also a Hollywood themed room and unlike the round red bed in the Roman room, the Hollywood room has a massive king size bed and a black marble Jacuzzi.

Girlfriend getaway trips to the WEM in Alberta offer something for everyone in your party. Whether you are looking for a girlfriend city trip to shop, play, or simply get away and feel pampered, there is plenty to do and see. Just strolling along the massive mall is a lot of fun and if you stay at the Fantasyland Hotel, you’ll feel as if you’ve run away to your own little city. Between the hotel and the mall, you’ll be hard pressed to find time to see the rest of the city but do try to enjoy as much of Edmonton as you can.

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