Visit To Dairyland: Girlfriend Getaways In Wisconsin

Any time I visit a state, I’d like to start by submersing myself in some activity that the state is well known for. What do you think of when Wisconsin is first mentioned? If you are like me, you probably think cheese. Fortunately for us gals and our waistlines, there is more to be discovered in the northern lands than just cheese, as delicious as they all may be. Join me as I outline for you just what my dream trip to Wisconsin would have in its itinerary.

I do battle a stubborn waistline. But that’s no excuse to not have just a sampling of Wisconsin’s famous cheeses. If I have to starve for the next twenty-four hours just to enjoy them, I will. But I must have cheese. So the first of all the desired things to do in Wisconsin would be to visit a dairy farm or cheese factory.

Here are a couple of the stops included in a popular cheese tour of southwestern Wisconsin. Fromagenation is one of the premier cheese shops in the state. In addition to their cheese tastings and storefront, they also offer cheese cooking classes, gourmet lunches, fondue, catering, and other in-house events.

The Old Fashioned Restaurant
The Old Fashioned Restaurant seems like a great place to try lunch. The tavern is dedicated to upholding the traditional foods of the state, including cheese.

The Roth Kase
The Roth Kase is another cheese stop you do not want to miss, especially if you enjoy Swiss cheeses. Their tours are open to the public.

Kettle Moraine State Forest
I suspect that you know that there are more Wisconsin things for girls to do. You are certainly right. After all your fine-cheese samplings, you’ll probably want a few hikes worked into your schedule to counterbalance all the high-calorie foods you’ve been eating. For a beautiful network of hiking trails, check out the Kettle Moraine State Forest. It is only about thirty miles from the city of Milwaukee, and boasts nice facilities and superb trails throughout the year.

Old World Wisconsin
If you are still bored after tasting cheeses and then hiking all the calories off, head to Old World Wisconsin, America’s largest outdoor historical community. Here over sixty historical structures provide community, and locals relive the settlement period of America’s heartland. From villages to farmlands to a one-room schoolhouse and much more, the community provides a relaxing revisitation to this unique piece of American history.

Noah’s Ark Water Park
To finish highlights of Wisconsin tourism, definitely visit Noah’s Ark Water Park for some outrageous fun. This water park is home to America’s longest water coaster as well as the country’s largest bowl ride. Grab your bikinis, swimsuits, towels, and flip-flops and head to an adventure that will be a lifetime memory for the whole group.

These are only a few of Wisconsin’s most famous attractions. In my next post, you can join me for a few of the really girly things to do throughout the Badger State.

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