Get Away With Your Girlfriends to Portland, Maine: Part 2

If your girlfriend reunion group heads south after enjoying Bangor and everything else in the vicinity, 130 miles later you’ll arrive at Portland, Maine. You and your girlfriends should definitely stop here for at least a few nights to take in everything that this part of the state has to offer.

Two Great Spas in Portland,Maine
There is no lack of things to do in Portland. In fact, it is the perfect place to relax and unwind if you haven’t already done so. You and your girls should definitely stop at a spa. Two of Portland’s most famous spas are Fabu, an upscale chic little place located in the heart of the city. Fabu is perhaps the most popular spa in the city. Another very nice spa that you might consider treating everyone to is Nine Stones Spa. The staff here is delighted to work with groups to make it a relaxing and personalized day for every member of the group. Please do not spend all your girls only vacation touring the state and taking in every trail, museum, or shopping mall. Instead, reserve a day to relax and unwind with all your girlfriends. It will truly be a highlight of your trip.

Mmmmm! Seafood!
Any girls getaway to Maine must include at least one visit to the local seafood house. After all, the entire Northeastern Atlantic coast is renowned for its fresh seafood. So take a night out on the town and enjoy a bit of true Northeast cuisine!

The Old Port Sea Grill is one restaurant that you don’t want to miss. And please, for once, let yourself splurge! This is a trip to enjoy life with your friends, not to worry about whether you will fit into that dress next year. Sorry, I got sidetracked…anyway, this grill is home to one of the best raw seafood bars in the country. Of course, all the seafood served is locally caught and processed, allowing you to taste some of the freshest fish on the coast.

Gilbert’s Chowder House is also a famous seafood restaurant in Portland. As the name implies, they are famous for their chowders and serve it proudly directly overlooking the Portland waterfront. In addition to their chowders, Gilbert’s also serves sandwiches and other seafood entrees and side dishes. They also have a decent selection of drinks, if that interests you.

For superb oysters served fresh, try J’s Oysters. This restaurant, too is located directly on the waterfront, allowing you and your girlfriends to enjoy the crisp sea air (if the weather’s right) and a delicious meal. Take some time out of your busy vacation schedule to sample some of the Northern Coast’s finest delicacies.

The abundance of things to do in Maine never cease to provide girls-only tourist groups with plenty to see and do. The key to enjoying it all is to plan your trip and stick to it. So grab your girls and map your vacation!

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