Girlfriend Trips: See South Beach With Friends

South Beach is a magical destination to go to when planning one of your girlfriend trips. While South Beach is a great girlfriend vacation, girls who are single will especially like it for the many nightclubs it offers. While many people go to this exciting area of Miami on Spring Break, it is the perfect beach weekend getaway idea anytime you want to get away from it all.

South Beach is famous for much more than its party atmosphere, though and it makes a perfect girlfriend getaway destination. There are tremendous shopping and dining venues here, not to mention the chance to sun your cares away on the white sanded beach. Just lying on the beach looking out over the turquoise water is enough to take your breath away.

Be sure and spend some time at the pedestrian area on Lincoln Drive. This is a great place to stroll and shop. If you don’t want to rent a car and deal with the traffic, there is public transportation seven days a week in the South Beach area and you can also rent bicycles and of course, walk. While this is a vibrant, happening area, you can also find quieter spots away from the entertainment district if you choose.

This is another great place to go in the off season simply because of the mild weather. While there are certainly times it will be too cold to go to the beach, you can always find something to do and besides, if the point is to spend time with your girlfriends then you don’t want to be busy every moment anyway.

One thing to realize before you plan your girl trip to Miami with your girlfriends is that. like many tourist destinations, it can be quite expensive. Even if you go in the off season, you’ll still run into expensive food and drinks. You may want to read some reviews for specific places to go. One thing you will want to be aware of and this is just good practice regardless of where you go: Be sure and either look at the menu or ask the prices before you order a drink. I have heard from several travelers that they popped into a small café or bar just to order a drink for two people and left about $50 poorer.

Taking girlfriend trips to anywhere is a lot of fun and offers you the chance to catch up on old friendships and stay up to date with current ones. South Beach is one of those places that almost everyone likes to visit at least once and many people return year after year. Just do your homework first and find out where the best places to stay are.

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