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How to Spend Less on Your Girlfriend Vacation to Parker Palm Springs Hotel in California!

If you are looking to bond with your girlfriends for a special occasion then the best place to go to is the Parker Palm Springs Hotel in California. Since this hotel currently has a lot of discount packages, you and your friends would surely have a great time without spending too much. Just make sure to have your girlfriend vacation on weekdays because the weekend costs would be higher. If you go there on weekends, you would have discounts on selected rooms and even receive freebies such as alcoholic beverage credit. That would be great if you and your friends want to catch up on your lives while having a fun time drinking.

The hotel also offers several packages such as the Spa Junkie. As the name suggests, this packages is for spa lovers. Availing of this package would be perfect after spending your night drinking with your friends. In the morning, the effects of the alcohol on your body would surely be washed away by the wonderful spa treatment you and your friends would receive.

Another special spa getaway package offered by Parker Palm Springs Hotel for your girlfriend vacation would enable you to book a king sized room including a daily breakfast in the hotel’s main restaurant. You would also be served a morning smoothie as part of the room service. The special package also includes two spa treatments that would last for 30 minutes each. The spa treatments comprise of a Swedish massage, reflexology and manicure and pedicure. That is enough for your whole body to feel rejuvenated.

You could also have a wonderful lunch at the spa and be served cocktails. And since the hotel has its own court, you could use it to have outdoor games with your friends. Then after a tiring but enjoyable day, you could avail the rest of the perks of the packages by having your dinner that is also provided by the hotel.

Your girlfriend vacation would not be complete without having a nice slumber party with your friends. So, while having warm conversations, you could get free snacks from the hotel as part of the package. Just be sure to book only from Sundays to Thursdays to reduce the fees. Booking during the weekends would be a more costly because the demand for the rooms is relatively higher during those days.

Staying in a hotel during the weekdays would not be so bad as long as you are doing it with your closest girlfriends and especially not when you are going to spend it in Parker Palm Springs Hotel. Not only you would have the best time of your life, you would also cut down the expenses to a minimum.

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