Girlfriend Weekend: Montreal

Montreal is a great place for you and your girlfriends to check out if you are planning a girlfriend getaway. In Montreal, you will not only find historical sites that would truly peak your interest, you would also get to do all other kinds of activities. Shopping would surely be fun in this destination because of the endless amount of items being sold. Your mouths will definitely water because of the culinary delights you will be trying in the different restaurants in the area. You and your friends will be presented not only the existing culture in the area but also cultures from different countries. The environment here is truly diverse that you would never run out of things to do, making your vacation to Montreal a perfect girlfriend weekend.

You and your girlfriends could simply walk around the area while checking out the sites and feeling the festive ambiance. Since Montreal has more than 40 festivals throughout the year, it is a guarantee that any day you visit the place, you will find brightly colored decorations everywhere on the street. Two of the most popular festivals celebrated in Montreal are Just for Laughs Festival and Jazz Festival that is done during the summer.

Your weekend getaway in Montreal would not be complete without a visit to the famous Bonsecours Market. This is a place that the people of Montreal are really proud of so it would be a shame not to check it out. In here, you would witness a market in neo-classical style. Since 1847, this market has been catering to the needs of the people of Montreal and up to now, it still continues to be a well-favored tourist spot. Even photographers could not resist the beauty of the restaurants and the old churches and museum situated in the market as the Bonsecours Market continues to be a favorite in photographs.

One thing that would never ever be forgotten during any girlfriend weekend is shopping and that is something that would be really fun to do in the city of Montreal. You and your friends could check out the Underground City. Why else would it be considered to be the most popular shopping area in Montreal if it is not something that is worth seeing? For sure, you would really have a grand time looking for new items not only for yourself but also for your other friends and family. The Underground City is not merely a shopping center because it is also filled with restaurants, hotels and universities.

Montreal is indeed a place worth checking out so do not miss out and have a great time exploring it with your friends. And if Canada is a lace of choice, you may want to check out this post on Vancouver vacations!

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