South Beach Miami: The Ultimate Girlfriends Getaway

Miami, Florida would be the prime destination for that perfect spring and summer girlfriends getaway.  What better way to spend your time soaking up the sun’s rays at South Beach, Miami and have a fun night out downtown where all the clubs and fancy restaurants are.  Once you and your girlfriends reach South Beach, the first thing you willl notice would be the very long strip of beach which lines the whole of South Beach.  The coasts are lines with shops, restaurants, bars, and hotels which are side by side with each other.  It should really be called a vacationer’s paradise for that matter.

You and your girlfriends can have that ultimate girlfriends getaway by planning your trip at South Beach and staying at one of the beach resorts and hotels.  Look for a hotel that is near the clubs and bars, so you have quick access to the nightlife and have some time for shopping as well.  Miami is known for the Riviera-style specialty shops lining the coasts, where signature brand stores sell everything from clothes, to shoes, to cars.  Shops like Hermes, Prada, Tiffany, and more, should adapt well to your shopping appetites.

You can also have your girlfriends getaway another way around.  Everything can be just peachy if you all decide to spend the whole day at the beach, then have some early dinner at one of the famous restaurants and have some beer or cocktails afterward at an exclusive bar such as the Privé Lounge or the Crobar for some DJ spinning music and dancing.  Any evening would not be complete if you and your girlfriends do not have a getaway to cap off the spring and summer seasons.  For just that relaxing and fun weekend, you can opt to stay at a beach resort and hotel and enjoy the sun, golfing, or experiencing water sports such as water skiing, diving, snorkelling, and more.

If you and your girlfriends are in for more adventure, the Sea World at Florida is relatively near South Beach.  Gatorland, where you can watch live alligators do their extremely thrilling tricks, can also be found in Florida.  In Orlando, Florida, Islands of Adventure would be a destination you and your girlfriends would surely enjoy if everyone’s in for some adventure, as it is an adventure theme park filled with high-speed rides and other attractions both enjoyable for kids and adults.

Going to Miami, Florida is probably the best destination for a fun-filled spring or summer girlfriends getaway with your best buddies, and you won’t go wrong by spending your time partying, relaxing, and enjoying all the good food, great places, and the good-looking people in town.

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