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Sometimes girls just need to get away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and go on vacation. Typically, vacation is better spent when you are with people who care about you. So, why not invite your best girlfriends to come on vacation with you? Make it a girl’s getaway. All you need is you, your friends, a little bit of money, and a whole lot of imagination. You can make the vacation just about anything you want it to be. Whether you prefer a night out on the town, or just staying indoors relaxing and laughing with your friends, you can make a weekend truly memorable. Here are some great vacation packages to consider when planning your amazing girl getaway vacation.

Shopping in Manhatten

Shop Til You Drop!

Are you a shopping girl? Then you will love this particular girl night out vacation package. To truly appreciate your trip, you should collect memorabilia and souvenirs. The best way to do this is to head out and do some shopping. The Bloomingdale’s Shop till You Drop package was created by The Waldorf Astoria Hotel. You and your friends will spend one or more nights at the ritzy Waldorf Astoria in downtown Manhattan. You’ll receive a $50 gift card to Bloomingdales plus a 15% off coupon. You’ll also receive a free signature gift at Bloomingdales as part of this package. Hate carrying your bags? With this amazing offer, Bloomingdales will deliver your packages back to the hotel free of charge!

Of course, a girl night in can be just as memorable. Head to Chicago, Illinois, where you can take advantage of the Four Seasons Spa Package. You and your gal pals get one night in a high-quality room at the Four Seasons, a hotel known for luxury. Spend time in their well-known spa, and receive a free massage upgrade.

Relax at a Spa!

Also take advantage of all the fine dining available in and around the hotel. If you want an incredible girl night to remember forever, take advantage of this package.

If you’re interested in spending time in the country, why not try a Cowgirl Yoga retreat in Bozeman, Montana? This is more of an extended outing as it lasts 5 days – but think of the memories? Imagine doing an early morning yoga routine just as the sun peaks over the mountains, then spending the day riding horses and relaxing with your friends. You can visit Big Sky Yoga Retreats for more information.

Girls like to spend time together to reminisce and have fun. Any of these suggested ideas will surely create memories that will last forever.

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