The Biggest Girls Getaway Weekend

This year in April an event took place at Miami’s Beach Loew’s that will go down in history for a girls getaway weekend.   The name of the event was “World’s Largest Girlfriends Getaway.”  Only women filled the crowds at the Loew’s Hotel.   This was a truly momentous occasions to see women from all over to celebrate weekend getaways with their best friends.  In 2006, people started searching for girlfriend getaways.  Travel companies in North America began to catch onto this trend, the number of companies offering women only travels has rose 230 percent. That’s an astounding rate!

Women of virtually every age group showed up to attend the weekend getaway.  Ages ranged from the single 20’s to grandma’s in their 60’s.  The total number of women whom attended this event was 238. This is the first of what is known to be an annual event.   You can be certain there will be more ladies showing up.

Loew’s offered a package for the weekend.  From the sounds of it, the weekend was fun-filled.  The packages included manicures and pedicures by the pool.   Salsa lessons were included, along with Yoga, and a talk about fashion by designer Danny Santiago.  There was also al fresco cooking lessons taught by celebrity chef Michelle Bernstein.  All the activities offered were female focused.  Ladies got their makeup done, went shopping, and got their hair done.

The next event at Loew’s won’t take place until April 15-17, 2011.  The resort will be offering a new package for girlfriend getaways in December of this.  The package offers; two nights stay in double room, champagne, breakfast and a swag bag for $345 a person.

It’s true girls just want to have fun. What better way to do it than to take a girls getaway weekend with your best friends?

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