Girls Night In

Connecting by spending time together and enjoying every minute of it is never a problem for most girls. In fact, girls love to spend hours talking and laughing with each other. If you have girl friends that you need to spend some more time with, why not take advantage of a girl’s night in? There are many different ways to do this, and while some may be more fun than others, you are sure to find one that suits your fancy.

•   Girly Movies
What girl doesn’t enjoy a good chick flick? If you and your gal pals want to spend some quality time together through a girl’s night in, then you should consider renting a chick flick and watching it. Make sure to bring plenty of tissues, because you know there will most likely be parts that make you cry. Make sure that the movie you choose is not dull, but rather, one filled with laughter, tears, and overall memorable moments for all. Love stories are generally the best, as you can all relate to the theme in one way or another.

•    Book Club

While this idea takes some advance planning, it’s a great excuse to get together on a regular basis. Take turns picking a novel, then get together to discuss it. Of course, the conversation doesn’t have to stay 100% on-topic! Combine this with dinner and you’ve got a great girl’s night in.

Girls Night Out
Of course, some girls are the party type. If this is you, you’re better off having a girl night out. So why not try something fun, like a night on the town safari? All you have to do is have each of your girlfriends dress up in their best night-on-the-town outfits. Then, arrange for a limousine to pick each of you up. From here, you will go exploring. Have each person write down a type of food she would like to try, then call and find places that serve that. Travel from place to place and enjoy all the different food types. Don’t forget to take pictures! This will help you all to create memorable moments over great food.

If you want the perfect girl night, think carefully about your group of friends and what might appeal best to them. Choose from one of these ideas, or come up with something completely new. Have a spa night, a sleepover, a knitting night. The point is that you and your girl friends are together, having a great time. So what are you waiting for? Get the girls together and enjoy! It’s sure to be an incredible time for everybody.

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