Girls Night Out Games: 7 Quirky Ideas

What girl doesn’t like to play games? If you and your gal pals are searching for games to make your getaway night so amazing, then you should definitely consider one of the suggested activities below. Women need to escape from their day-to-day life from time to time.  If you are planning a girls night out with some of your greatest friends, you are probably looking forward to a fun-filled evening full of laughs and stories that only you and your best friends would appreciate.  A girls night can involve getting all dolled up for a night out on the town or dressing down to go on a long awaited road trip.  You could be celebrating a bachelorette party, a birthday, a graduation, a promotion, or simply life.  If you are responsible for planning your upcoming night of fun, incorporate creative girls night out games and make it a night none of you will ever forget.  Refer to the game ideas for ladies night celebrations and forget about the stress at home, at work, or at school.

Scavenger Hunt
For an awesome girl night out, you could try organizing a scavenger hunt. You need to divide your friends into teams, depending on how many of you are participating in this little get-together. Each team needs to be equipped with a video camera. Winning is easy, simply be the first team to complete everything on the list. Ideally, a time limit is best on this game, so the first team to complete everything on the list, or at least the most activities within the time limit, wins. For ideas on tasks for the scavenger hunt, you could start a dance class out in the middle of a parking lot and get 3 strangers or more to join you, be videotaped hugging a police officer or be caught on tape sitting on the coolest car you can find. This night is sure to be memorable and filled with fun.

Indoor Camping
To add a little quirkiness to your girl night out, you could do indoor camping. Don’t be afraid to go the whole nine yards when planning this event. It’s not really a game, so much as it is an activity. Make dinner camping style, like trail mix, chicken salad, and crackers. If you can, it helps to set up a tent, which you should all sleep in that night. If you don’t have a tent, just get your sleeping bags together and put them under a large table (preferably a dining room table), and then drape the table with a blanket to create the illusion of being in a tent. You could proceed to sing campfire songs, eat marshmallows (not roasted), and play fun campout games. This night will be amazingly silly and fun.

An International Taste Test
An international taste test is the perfect way to experience new exotic foods with your friends without leaving the country.  If you and all of your lady friends appreciate food as much as anyone else, make time for an international taste test.  Ask all of the girls attending your party to create a list of exotic foods they have never tried.  Once you have gathered at least three different foods from each participant, make a complete list of the foods and give it to each girl.

To prepare for this game you will need to order in from some of the ethnic restaurants in your area.  Invest in some pretty cloth blind folds and set up bite-size portions in a random order.  The girls will get an opportunity to taste each food and try to identify it.  Because they have never had the food before, it should be quite entertaining to watch each individual struggle to find a name for the plate.  Not only will you and your girlfriends find a new favorite dish, you will have a dinner full of laughs.

Add Some Spice to Your Night With a Pole Dancing Party
When you are with the girls you love, your confidence soars through the roof.  Take advantage of that by planning a pole dancing party and have a night full of fitness and fun.  You can hire a professional instructor to come to your home or take your girls to a pole dancing studio.  Once you learn how to shake what your mom gave you, you can put your new skills to the test with fun contests and games.  You may want to see who can go to the top of the pole in slide down.  You may want to see who has the sexiest spin.  You may want to inspire your friends to make their own moves.  Regardless of what the contest is about, you are guaranteed to see a new side of all of your girlfriends.  Pole dancing parties are great for any occasion.

Be Someone Else for the Night With the Alias Game
If you plan on going to dinner, the movies, and dancing, why not play a game the whole night and create an alias.  The alias is the perfect game for creative females who are not afraid to become another character.  Sometimes being yourself is not as fun.  If there is a celebrity personality or personality type you have always wished to have, make your dream come true for one night.  Write down different personalities on cue cards and a brief history about the character’s life.  Each girl can choose from the character cards and they will take on the new character completely for the remainder of the night.  The more ridiculous you get with the game the more fun.  Invest in wigs or believable outfits and meet new people in character.

Get a Buzz and Play “I Never”
If you want to find out things about your friends you never knew, playing “I Never” is a fun way to get the dirt without prying.  “I Never” is one of the perfect girls night out games for parties that are being held at someone’s house.  After the first few statements, the game can get quite wild.  The game starts by one of the players saying “I never” with a statement they have never done.  All of the other players will have to take a shot if they have done this statement or activity.  Hopefully, your friends will be honest enough to cop to statements when you play the game.  Once everyone starts to feel their buzz, more interesting questions will start to appear.  “I never” is certainly not a game for tame girls night in parties.

That Guy Game
That Guy Game is one of the most popular girls night out games for party-goers who are not shy.  For this game, you will need a That Guy Game card deck that has a cartoon depiction of different type of stereotypical men.  The cards will have characters like the jock, the mullet guy, the sports jersey guy, the married guy, the computer guy, the GQ guy, and more.  You will assign the cards to each girl in the party and during the night out each girl will have to find real-life men that stand for each stereotypical guy.  The first to find all the matches will win!  This is a great game for women who are not shy and can explain how the game is all in fun.  You will need to make sure everyone has a camera on their phone so they can provide proof they found “The Guy”.

If you work hard you should play hard.  Mothers, students, professionals, and wives, need to escape from it all too.  If you are planning a girls night out, consider incorporating one of these game ideas for ladies night celebrations and experience a night you will never forget.  While you love your husband, boyfriend, or your kids, everyone needs time away to appreciate what they have.  Tell your family you are going to get some “you” time and have a blast with your favorite female posse.

If you are looking for something fun to make your girl night memorable, be sure to have at least one camera on hand. These activities are a lot of fun, are fairly inexpensive, and should provide perfect photo opportunities so you can look back and laugh later on. To have fun with your girlfriends, all it takes is creativity and imagination.

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