Girls Night Out Ideas: 10 Great Ideas

Are you looking to have a truly fun and memorable girl night? Take advantage of one or more of these incredible girls night out ideas, or use it for a jumping off point to invent your own. Women work hard and should be able to play hard. Whether women are single or married, with children or without children, women deserve some time to themselves. These girls night out ideas are not for the faint of heart.

Dinner and a Movie

If you like to laugh, cry, and have fun together with your gal pals, why not head out to one of your local fancy restaurants and enjoy dinner together? To begin with, you will have a chance to catch up with each other’s lives, tell jokes, and just have an overall great time. To spice things up, choose a restaurant at random from the phone book!

After dinner is over, head over to the local theater and see the newest movie, whether in 3D or in 2D. If you want a truly great movie, then make sure to check the listings ahead of time, so you can all decide on one together. Once you get to the movie, get your typical concessions, such as popcorn, candy, and soda, then sit down, and enjoy the movie. You’ll laugh, cry, and have a great time on your girl night out.

Midnight Bowling

Many areas offer bowling late into the night where they turn the lights down and put on some good music. It is a great way to spend some casual girl time and laugh at each others bowling skills! You can always add dinner in before you bowl, or after bowling is over, head out for late-night ice cream! After listening to upbeat music all night, you may be ready to find a place to go and dance.

Look into Local Bands/Poetry Readings/Comedy Places

Often it is easy to check your local newspaper to see what might be going on locally. You may find a band that is playing in a small bar. This can be fun because you can dress casual and just go out and enjoy a few drinks. If you want to laugh, look and see if there are any comedy stand-up nights. Even the bars that offer amateur night can be a blast, you may even have a comedian in your group! As far as comedy goes, you may even be interested in doing a little Karaoke with your friends. If the bar scene is not for you and your friends and you want a little more sophistication, try some local coffee shops who hold such things as poetry readings. Again, these may be things you and your friends can participate in.

Impromptu Night

This has worked so many times! Send a text out and say, “Hey girls, ladies night out! We are meeting at 7 at …..”. Choose a restaurant and let the night unfold from there. Sometimes planning just has to go out the window. If it is Friday after a long week of work (and/or kids), then you will not be disappointed on how many people show up! Sometimes you may find that you spend the majority of the night just talking over drinks until the restaurant closes! If this is the case, make sure to tip well, or move into the bar to open up your table for others!

Ultimate Spa Party and Makeovers

Sometimes the best night out is a girl night in. After a hectic week, sometimes it’s best to hang out at home – we’ve got ideas for that too. One great idea is to host a spa party and makeover night. All you really need to do is get the girls together at somebody’s house and coordinate the events of the night. Have one person be in charge of manicures, another pedicures, and another facials. You can also do each other’s hair if you so choose. Hiring a professional may also be an option, but it’s way more fun if you gals do it yourselves.

Have a Passion Party

There is nothing more giggle inspiring than a bunch of women getting together and having a glass of wine or three just to have the hostess introduce the Passion Party Consultant! Within the comfort of their friend’s home, each women can shop for their passion toys, clothes, candles, lotions and even games. I do not know a man who would complain about this type or girls night out activity. After all, he will probably benefit too.

Who Does Not Like To Eat

Getting together with good friends is always fun. A nice quite night in can be changed into a mini-trip around the world for your taste buds. A group of friends can assign each women with a country. Each women will need to bring a special food dish, that she has cooked, to the hostess’s house. You get to taste new food and have good conversation with your best friends. Just make sure someone as been assigned the wine and dessert.

For The Crafty

Most women enjoy jewelry. Why not have a jewelry making party? Have everyone bring beads, ribbon, scissors, glue, wire, trinkets and whatever else you can think of to make unique jewelry pieces. Getting creative is fun, but having inspiration via your friends can make it exciting. The end pieces might not make it to Saks, but you will end up with jewelry to wear on your next get together.

Swap and Trade

This swap and trade night works especially well if there are women in the group that are the same size. Each person in the group brings two or three items from her closet. However many articles a women brings, is how many she is allowed to take home. Everything is made new again. Swap and trade nights are great if you have that friend that has the eye for fashion.

You Ever Just Want To Be Someone Else

Your group of friends can meet at someone’s house. Each person brings make-up, jewelry, beauty essentials, and clothes. Character names from movies, books, or even tv are thrown into a hat and each women picks one. Whichever persona is chosen, that is the name and personality you are to take on. It does not matter where you end up. The only thing that matters is that you are escaping you for a little while and having fun with your friends.

There are several things that you can do to change it up for your ladies night. These are just a few of the girls night out ideas that are for the unique and adventurous. Whatever your clan decides, be creative with it. Have fun with your clothes, make-up, names, or even personalities. Let go for the evening, and no matter what you choose, you will have fun.

There are so many girl night activities to choose from. While a girls night out is preferable to many girls, you can still have fun indoors. You can have a game night, photography night, anything you want. You could even sit down together and scrapbook. The sky’s the limit when it comes to girl nights, so be creative. Sit down and think up fantastic ideas that you can guarantee are sure to be memorable. Call up your local skating rink and go roller skating, have a dance party at your house. Just spending time together is enough for girls to have fun, so get out there!

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