Girls’ Trip To The Northwest: Portland, Oregon!

A girls trip to Portland is a great way to see first hand the blending of many different cultures. If I may use the term, I would consider it a “melting pot” of many different nationalities and ways of life. If you and your girlfriends just want to tour the world but do not have the money to do so, a visit to Portland might be able to satiate your longings.


Portland Japanese Garden
One of the most famous attractions in the entire city is the Portland Japanese Garden. This peaceful haven is the perfect spot in the middle of metro Portland to leave your trip behind and simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings and beautiful vistas. The garden is beautiful throughout the year and is the ideal spot for a peaceful stroll or a picnic lunch.

International Rose Test Garden
While the Portland Japanese Garden is very beautiful and different (perfect place for a bit of meditation or to simply enjoy the greenness and the foliage artistry), it can be pricey for less enjoyment than you might expect. If you are inclined to consider flowers and bright colors to be more of a garden than just a bunch of leaves and peaceful areas, consider heading across the street to visit the free-of-charge International Rose Test Garden. In addition to its famous roses throughout the grounds, you can also see Mount Hood from the Garden on clear days. Even if you only stay there for an hour during your girls day out in Portland, this rose garden is the perfect spot to take pictures and enjoy a bit of beauty in the middle of the downtown district.

The Pittock Mansion
Historic buffs will find the Pittock Mansion to be one of the finest day-tour experiences in the city. Once the home of the Oregonian newspaper owner Henry Pittock, it remains a relic of bygone history that is well-kept and charming to visit. The Pittock Mansion overlooks downtown Portland and offers a stunning view of the city lights at night. If your girlfriend group decides to visit the city during the holiday season, definitely make an effort to see the lavish decorations that the mansion is so famous for.

Oaks Amusement Parks
All girlfriend getaways deserve a bit of fun, and Oaks Amusement Parks provides just that. Originally opened in 1905 to celebrate the Centennial celebration of the Lewis and Clark world expo, this amusement park will provide some old-fashioned fun for every gal in the party. They have an inside roller skating rink (with hills!), amusement rides for all ages, and much more to thrill the kid spirit in each of your friends.

These things to do in Portland Oregon with the girls are just a few ideas of the many different ways that you can create an enjoyable Oregonian getaway with all your best friends. One piece of advice: please remember, rushing from one to another activity is the last thing you want to do on a vacation that should be both relaxing and enjoyable. As is often said, “Take time to smell the roses!” While you are at it, enjoy a bit of what Portland can offer your girlfriend getaway plan.

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