Girls Vacation In Colorado: Shopping And Spa Stops

Any girls only Colorado vacation must include a bit of shopping. Perhaps followed up by a bit of pampering at a nearby spa? Here are the state’s finest malls and spas, any of which you and your girl friends will love.

Our capitol city, Denver is perhaps the best place to stay a while and shop. In particular, the Park Meadows Mall and the Cherry Creek Mall are very popular shopping spots. First up, the Park Meadows Mall. This relatively new mall boasts a variety of high-end shops and well-known department stores only a short distance from the Denver International Airport. Stores such as Nordstrom, American Eagle, Express, Williams-Sonoma, and many more offer a variety of styles and products that will be sure to suite everyone in the group.

Cherry Creek Mall, too, hosts a whole world of yet another set of stores. These two malls are perhaps Colorado’s most famous, yet there are a couple of quaint little malls that are well worth finding…

Bonnie Brae
One of the small communities near Downtown Denver, Bonnie Brae is nothing more than a single street with the neatest stores and the most delicious restaurant. To find the little community, Google one of the coziest and tastiest restaurants in Denver: Devil’s Food Bakery and Cafe. This delicious restaurant is on the same street as are several adorable shops such as the Tended Thicket, several clothing boutiques and more.

Estes Park
Another adorable strip mall is back in the mountains near Rocky Mountain National Park, in the little town of Estes Park. (If you are looking for the perfect girlfriend getaway that has everything you could want to do only a short distance away, Estes Park is highly recommended by this gal). With several fun shops on the main street, delicious restaurants, and a couple of very fine spas, these two little communities are the perfect spots for a weekend gals’ getaway.

The Woodhouse Day Spa
Of course, Denver also has several choice spas and pampering stops that will leave your group feeling relaxed and special. The Woodhouse Day Spa, one of the state’s most popular spas, is truly a place to relax and enjoy your friends’ company. In addition to providing top pampering service, the spa also offers complimentary wine or tea and the best manicure or pedicure services in the Rockies region. For an extra special getaway, the Woodhouse Day Spa is Perfect.

The Brown Palace Hotel
Another excellent pampering spa is located in the heart of downtown Denver. The Brown Palace Hotel offers one of the most luxurious spas you will ever witness in the Centennial state. And let me tell you, every member in your party will be able to leave their troubles at the door and enjoy a truly relaxing stay. The Brown Palace Hotel offers a variety of royal treatments, including massages, facials, body treatments, pedicures, manicures, nail care, and waxing. A girls’ getaway with this destination in mind would truly be one of the main highlights of the trip.

I suppose that’s quite enough of Colorado vacations and activities in Denver…In my next article, I’d like to introduce you to my hometown, bustling with activity at the foot of the tallest mountain on the Rockies Front Range. Join me in my next post for a brief glimpse into the historical sites that Colorado Springs and the nearby communities have to offer any adventure-seeking girls’ group.

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