Girls Weekend Getaway Packages: Weigh Your Options

You can find a lot of girls weekend getaway packages simply because the trend of girls going off together for the weekend is a highly popular one and many companies have come together to offer package deals for these very special mini girl vacations. While you can certainly find some good deals when you opt for a package deal, not all of them are a good deal. It all depends on where you go and what you want to do so it is important to look closely at what you are really getting before you make a commitment.

Sometimes you can plan a cheap weekend getaway by booking a girls weekend package deal at a hotel and get show tickets, spa services, and dining certificates included in the package. However, you will want to look closely at how much the package costs versus what it would cost to do these things separately. Sometimes, you can really find a great deal like this but if part of the package includes things you don’t really care about doing then you might be better off just paying for everything separately.

You’ll probably be better off if you decide exactly what you want to do before you purchase a package deal for your special weekend getaway. Once you know what everyone wants to do then you can look for the best deals. Look to the airlines too because sometimes they offer great vacation packages that can save you money on hotel and show tickets.

You might also save money if you join the email lists of hotels, spas, airlines, and any other venues that you might be interested in. I have deals from several airlines coming in to my inbox all the time and while some of the specials are incredible, they only last about 3 days so it pays to be on the list.

Another way to save money on your girls weekend is to look for last minute deals. While this may not be feasible for some members of your party, last minute deals aren’t always last minute; they can sometimes be two or three weeks out. Remember that hotels, airlines, and many other venues need to fill seats and beds and you can often get a great deal during slow times.

You may also find that the best girls weekend packages are the ones you put together yourself. Look to see what is being offered but in the end only you can decide if it is a good deal and fits your needs.

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